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DIY Chevron Accent Wall Tutorial

I had been drooling over all the chevron wall pins on pinterest. I probably have pinned about 100 of them to try and figure out how to do it correctly and the easiest way possible.

Let me just say that it takes some math skills and I must admit that I absolutely hate math. So the first part of this project wasn't that fun for me and yes it's time consuming!

SIDE NOTE: The beige color by the fireplace will soon be the same white as the chevron but for now this will do!

I also did NOT take pictures along the way. BAD blogger I know, I know! It was late at night when I measured it, I was 9 months pregnant and nesting like a mad woman. It HAD to be finished at 11pm. Spur of the moment.

First I taped off my area. Then painted it white. Make sure it COMPLETELY dries before moving on.
Then I measured my wall.
Then I decided on how many points of the chevron I wanted on each one. I decided on 3 so that each end of the rows were pointing down.
So then I divided my wall into 5 rows. 38" divded by 5 is roughly 7.6". Make a pencil mark every where every point will be. so You will have 5 pencil marks across. Use a LEVEL and make your rows going down. I marked the lines with a pencil. On my wall there was 5 lines not just 3 like the picture below but you get the point
I then figured out how many aqua chevrons rows I wanted and that was 7. So  then you double that making it 14. 105 divided by 14 is 7.5 inches. So then I marked with a pencil every 7.5".
Use your level and mark with a pencil and your wall will look something like this.
Now connect each square diagonally. alternating up/down.
Here is roughly what it will look like. Then you can take off your chevrons. BE AWARE OF WHERE YOU PLACE THE TAPE. ALWAYS GO ON THE OUTSIDES of the aqua chevron.
Then paint your aqua in between the tape. Let dry then take off all the tape.
Then go back with white and a mall paint brush and cover up the pencil lines!
There you go! Time consuming but make such a difference and adds personality!
I also made the sign! Tutorial details later!


Design_Fluff said...

You did such a great job with your wall and I love your sign! I did a graph for my chevron pillow diy, and they make all the difference!

Kristina said...

Wow! You did an amazing job, Teryn! I love that sign too.


krystal said...

AaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamazinG!! I added this to my Pinterest craft board. I must try!

The Girl said...

What color did you use for the aqua stripes?