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Meet my secret

Meet Miss...

I recently told you that I had a secret that I would soon be sharing and here she is! Little Miss Belle  finally made her debut after a fast, all natural birth!
I chose to completely keep all the deets about my pregnancy off the internet. It was SO incredibly hard not to spill my guts, tell all the deets and shout from the rooftops that I was having another daughter.
. Of course family and close friends knew and people that I saw often. It was just kept off of social media by personal choice.
It definitely has been fun to hear people's reactions when they find out that I had a baby let alone I was pregnant!
 She is healthy and happy and my other 2 kids are so in love with her.
My son and other daughter are such great helpers and I am so proud of the older brother and sister they have become. It is so special to me to watch them interact with Arabella.
 My heart is overjoyed and I feel incredibly blessed!  All glory to GOD for giving me this sweet blessing from Heaven with full head of dark hair!


honeypops said...

omg! congrats! and you look way to hot to be a mother of three, but you are! you're amazing!

aimymichelle said...

Wow congrats!