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Bloggy Vacation

This whole week I have sadly neglected to post something new. So sorry.

I've been up to my ears in busyness... kids have ear infections, sinus infections and double pink eye!
On top of that, ballet monday, baseball 2x a week, bible study on wednesday night then church Satuday night and Sunday morning for the month of march. Ya it is has been a whirl wind of craziness. Also, I was in charge of cooking dinner for my bible study table Wednesday! With all of that going on I've still made time to work out & eat clean! I even have the kids eating clean too! More on my progress and eating clean ideas later. (let me tell you that Arabella is 7 weeks and I've been wearing my pre prego jeans for a few weeks now!)

Oh and I forgot to mention, completely overhauling my backyard!!!


We started with a butt load of weeds and dirt. Nasty dead plants and trash... and now... there is huge progress!!

We didn't win the backyard makeover so now we are in full force doing it ourselves.

The weeds are gone, trash is gone, dirt is raked and we started leveling everything out for sod. We also put up the frame for our gazebo and called the concrete guy for the patio under our gazebo... We are only steps away from our outdoor space! Complete with a cute outdoor rug, patio furniture and our bbq!

Monday morning I will be on my way to the beach to pick up my labradoodle, Lucy from having her very last litter of pups!

I won't leave you hanging though! I'll have a full week of Easter posts for you to check out!

So until Monday I leave you with this to keep you motivated on your goals...

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