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A little update

Remember this? My backyard has been keeping me away from blogging!

Well, sadly we didn't win but that's ok! We are in full speed makeover mode and today we get grass for the first time EVER since we moved in!

This is a dream come true! I will be posting little reveals here and there as we go along.

I am so excited! The kids will finally have a backyard to play in.

There has been a lot of blood sweat and tears in this backyard and the hard parts are coming to an end!

I just wanted to update you really quick.

Monday I'll be kicking off my garden/backyard week so check back then!

Also, there is something new & exciting coming soon to Vintage Romance! Can't wait to share the details soon. Still working a few things out and then I can tell you!

Oh and one more thing...what's your opinion of changing domain names! I still can't decide!

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