I went skydiving! | WILDLY LIMITLESS

I went skydiving!

Yes, I'm being serious!
This past Friday my husband, mother in law, my dad and brother in law all went SKY DIVING!
It's crazy insane.
I highly recommend it.
Once you take the leap out of the plane door, it is pure excitement.
The wind rushes around you and suddenly your flying.
1st you gear up.
Then get into a tiny plane with a lot of other people.
In the plane your tandem instructor will attach his harness to yours and then you wait until you are at the right altitude. I believe ours was 13,000 feet.
Once you reach 13,000 the plane will level off and someone opens the big plane door.
The cold air rushes into the plane and suddenly it gets VERY real.
One by one people jump out of the plane.
I got to watch my family jump because I was the last one to jump!
Once you do it, you will want to do it again!

I got my whole jump on video but the goggles distort my face and I'm embarrassed to share it.

Here is a pic of my mother in law jumping!

So would you ever sky dive?


Martha said...

Wow, that's awesome! Skydiving is something I've always wanted to do but I think I'd freak out right before I have to jump off the plane. That's probably the hardest part, right?

Have a great day!


Sarah S. said...

Oh my gosh! How amazing! I've always wanted to skydive! I am going to start with bungee jumping next week and then work up to the possible sky dive!

Shelly HW said...

No way! I would only jump out a plane if the ground was only five feet away, haha.