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How to add "BEACH GLAM" to your home

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My style is always evolving... each morning bring new ideas, new trends and new styles.

I love the fact that I am on a journey to find my perfect design style. It seems like I'm 100 different styles in 1.

It wasn't until probably last week that I had this huge desire to add a little more beachy vibes in my home.

I love the calmness it puts off and it feels fresh and clean to me.

So, I have decided that I am going to call my style BEACH GLAM!

Vintage glam pieces mixed with beachy vibes. The cool colors of the ocean and warm tones of gold with sparkly chandeliers and chippy paint.

Today I am here to inspire you to add some beach vibes to your home and showing you how you can without your room SCREAMING THIS IS A BEACH INSPIRED ROOM!!!

You want subtle beachness, not a shells and waves in your face.

Don't let your room scream, SMELL THE SALT AIR YET?

If that is your style then rock it, but if it's not, then here's how!
beach glam living room

1. Chandeliers
2. Old wood signs and accessories
3. candles
4. Vintage mirrors
      5. Pattern rug
      6. fun pillows in gold polka dots, ruffles, and burlap
      7. Distressed coffee table
      8. Old bottles filled with flowers
      9. distressed wood & chippy paint
      10. Neutral colors

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