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Bathroom Makeover under $100

When we first moved into our home, I painted this kids/guest bathroom builder grade beige.
That was my style... dark beige, red, gold and leopard print. Who would've thought right?
This photo was taken right after I painted it dark beige.
After living with this for a while... I wanted a complete 180 degree style change.
Que the shabbying and painting of everything white and distressing!
And there my friends was the start of my DIY life.

So much brighter!

Now let's break this down...

DIY board & batten $30
Gold mirror (yard sale find) $10
Crystal knobs for the cabinets (hobby lobby) $10
Aqua, mint & white floral shower curtain (target) gifted but was $19.99
Flower picture behind toilet (already had)
Crystal shower rod (TJMAXX) $19.99
Chandelier (ReStore) $10
Crystals for chandelier (marshalls) $4.99
Spray paint for chandelier $5
Frame for DIY chicken wire photo holder (thrift store) $3

I already had all the paint & accessories...


It was a TOTAL makeover!


1. I demo'd the mirror. First I taped it all up then hit it with a hammer. Then threw away the pieces. I don't believe in bad luck! Just blessings!

2. I painted the cabinet white and added crystals knobs

3. I painted 1/3 the wall gray and the rest white.

4. I added board & batten. I did NOT use MDF. I wanted it to be thicker so I used wood slats but used the same technique.

5. I caulked then painted the board and batten slats white.

6. I spray painted the chandelier and added crystals. More on that later.

7. I hung the yard sale mirror.

8. I added all the accessories.

There are still some more projects that I have planned for this makeover but one thing at a time!

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Sarah S. said...

Amazing! I've always really wanted a chandelier in my bathroom for some reason! I love all the vibrant colors you used while still keeping it super sophisticated.

Mary said...

Wow impressive!!!

Chase Conely said...

Thanks for sharing your DIY project, Teryn! The transformation was amazing, that just by looking at it, you can tell that it has undergone quite a process, but you made it sound easy. Such simple and affordable makeovers are very inspiring.

-Chase Conely @ GMRoth

Elise said...

Wow! I can't believe how much brighter it is. Love it! Your really brave demoing the mirror. We had a mirror in one of the houses we lived in, and I wanted to take it down so bad! But I was always afraid of what might be behind it.

The Prudent Homemaker said...

We've been wanting to do some board and batten in our entryway. Your price breakdown gives me hope that it doesn't have to be so far off! We will have to buy paint, however, and I know that's not cheap. I was wondering what it would cost us, and now I can estimate better for our space. Thank you!

I LOVE your bathroom; it is beautiful!

cathy said...

How did you do the batten on the walls?

Unknown said...

Super cute and extremely creative!!! I love what you did with the walls! And the gold mirror is amazing!

Daniell Greco