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Sugar Coma and a side of guilt

Halloween is over.
Cue Sugar coma.
I am the mom who let her son stay home from school yesterday to carve pumpkins last minute.
I was feeling guilty.
We carve every year.
I'm always ahead of schedule for holidays.
NOT this year.
It seems like having the 3rd child has added SO much more to my plate.
Like adding 2 more kids kind of plate.
I'm always late. Like almost everywhere we go.
I'm behind on things.
Not enough hours in the day.
Running around with my head cut off type of business.
Where did my extra time go?
I had my "stuff" in order.
I had time to bake cookies and treats.
I had time to breathe and relax.
Now? No.
I feel chaotic.
I take on too much.
I'm running and running.
And then running some more.
So where does that leave time for snuggling with my kids?
Sitting down with treats, blankies, candles lit and watching a movie with my babies kind of night?
It doesn't.
So yes, I am the mom who needed a day with my kids yesterday.
Pumpkin carving, popcorn and Charlie Brown.
A day of school could wait.
They won't be little forever.
School will always be there.
Do I feel guilty for that?
Making childhood memories and spending quality time with them is more important than a day at public school.

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