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10 things you might not know about me.

For 2014 I want to get more personal and just be me on my blog.

Yes, of course I'll still be posting awesome projects and tutorials.

Another goal is to finally organize all my posts so they are easy to for you to find!

So, with getting more personal I want to start off with sharing..

...10 things you might not know about me...

1. I'm a caffeine addict or so I might be on the verge. When I am working on a hardcore or even small project I need a Coke or Pepsi stat. It keeps me motivated to get the project done.

2. I love lifting weights. Ok, here is where women get confused. They think if they lift heavy they will be one big beef of love with bulging muscles. NOT TRUE. I just really got serious about it and I love the way it makes me feel. It will burn fat and totally lean and sculpt you out! I burn major calories lifting. So, ladies skip the elliptical and grab some weights!

3. I'm a procrastinator. I usually wait til the last minute to get things done. I guess I do well and get motivated under pressure. I end up stressing myself out, downing a 5 hour energy shot and tackle whatever it is. When it is over I think, "wow, i don't know how I just got all that done but I'm glad it's over."

4.  My style is always evolving. It is also currently evolving into more rustic glam mixed with modern and shabby. One of these days I'll think of a name for it. I took some updated pics of the living room last week and when I get some time I'll be able to post them. Also, I have 2 pretty awesome tutorials coming up. 

5. Target is my vacation spot. So, you might know this but seriously. Target. Who doesn't love target? I'm the stereotypical wife that says I'm going to Target be back soon and I come home hours later. First off Target clearance is amaze-o. Like it's accessorizing my house! You can play the game and watch prices go lower and lower til you snatch amazing things for pennies. You gotta know how to work it. I'll share that later. There is just something about that place that is therapeutic. Those clearance shelves are like my psychologist and she says, here just take one these and you'll be fine.

6. I've tried twerking in a handstand against the wall. Ya I'm guilty. My sister showed me one day and I was laughing so hard. I totally had to try it. I can be a total dork sometimes.

7. I dream of having a published book. It's one of my dreams. I've even talked with 2 publishers. One of these days, One of these days God will download awesomeness into this little head of mine and it will flow like milk and honey and I'll write a book. I'm still believing. The stories, especially children's stories I have in my head are perfect. My kids get to hear about them at bedtime every night. Just ask them who Princess Penelope is... My goal is to write about the supernatural realm. Angels are more real than you think! If you are interested in hearing pleas e-mail terynashleyjewelry@live.com!

8. I want to  travel the world. I don't mean all the obvious vacation spots. I want to see God's hidden creations. There are many many many things in this world that are hidden gems and I look at photographs of them and think God is so creative. Waterfalls, hidden caves, jungles. Places you've never even heard of. So remote and desolate.

9. My heart burns for the needy. I started Beautiful Love Project  to connect the link between homeless and blessed. Our blessings have purpose and a plan. I was able to donate back to school clothes, backpacks, shoes, school supplies, and Christmas presents to a needy family. It melted my heart and set it on fire to do more. There are so many hurting people.

10. If I could do any job in the world I would do cartoon voices. If I didn't have children I would probably pursue that just for fun. My children aren't holding me back, it's just that they are more important and they deserve all of my attention. I have very close hollywood hookups in my family but I won't brag... I do voices all the time!! My kids probably think I'm annoying until I nail Ruby's voice from Max & Ruby. Nickolodeon  if you need a new Ruby, Call me!

There you have it 10 things about me. I hope to post these somewhat often so you can get to know me better. There are feelings, hopes and dreams behind this blog and I want them to be tangible to you!


Aileen Barker said...

A lot of these apply to me as well! Except the cartoon voices, that's hilarious and I had never even thought of that!

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