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Beauty Favorites!

Beauty Favorites

I must admit, I generally stick to the same products and same color tones all the time.

I'm not one to wear a bold lip often or even wear a lot of eyeshadow.

Partially because I feel like I can't even apply the dang shadow to look amazingly blended on myself.

I can do it on others but not myself!

You would've never guessed that I worked at Macy's in the cosmetic department.

I played with oodles and oodles of make up every day in every high end brand, which was right at my fingertips.

I tried all the new products and found some all time favorites.

To be honest, I actually love drugstore make up just as much.

I can't bring myself to spend a mucho money on make up.

Heck ya I totally would if I didn't have kids but right now they always need more than I do and I love my make up just the same as high end.

So until that day, I want to share with you some of my faves and can't live withouts.

1. Pink Lips. Baby doll pink lips in every shade... from light to kinda bright, I love them all. Just as long as it's girly pink!

2. Carmex. I am addicted. I love the strawberry and lime flavors. I have these things and the chapstick form in every purse and bathroom drawer and junk draw and car. Ya I love it that much.

3. EOS lip balm. This is my back up if for some reason I can't find any carmex!

4. Mabelline bouncy blush. I really like cream blushes. I have read some beauty blogger's opinions about this blush and they don't highly recommend it but I love it! I use 3 different blushes on my cheeks every day. The cream blushes only go on the apples of my cheeks for a light pop of shimmery color. More of a flush look.

5. Mermaid beach waves. I hardly ever wear my hair straight anymore. I love the beach waves so much. You can make these with a straightener or a curling iron.

6. Pink nail polish. I love light to bright. It makes your hands look feminine and delicate. For some reason dark nail polish makes me feel like I have man hands but I LOVE seeing it on other people's nails. Love the look.

7. Revlon Grow Luscious mascara. For me this works. It makes me feel like I'm helping my lashes grow and it also makes them look longer when I apply it. I wasn't blessed in the lash department so anything helps. I have nubs for lashes.

8. Bath & Body works body spray & lotions. I love smelling girly and fruity. I'm not a full flower smell kinds girl. I love fruity smells mixed with florals. I love Bali Mango and Rio Rumberry!

9. Loreal Youth Code BB Cream. I love this. I exfoliate then apply cococut oil to my face then BB Cream right after followed by mineral powder. It makes my skin look dewy and hydrated.

10. Black eyeliner. I don't really wear eyeshadow a whole lot because I feel like it makes my eyes look smaller. I opt for black liner and mascara and I'm good to go!

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