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How to make an awesome Media Kit & examples

Let me start out by saying that I'm still in the process of learning everything I need to know to get the most out of blogging. I constantly am trying to balance life as a mother, blogger, wife and ECT. The list goes on of the things I need to find time for and/or balance. Shall we even mention laundry and dishes to be added on that list? Let's just forget that they exist for a minute.

This is where you really want to convey your personality to who you are pitching to. You want to show what your blog is about. Here are some things you will need to give them a your whole story in a quick glance.

1.A photo of you. A personal face to face photo that will show them that you are a nice girl!

2. An introduction. Tell them about yourself. Who you are as a person. The goal of this section is to have the company "connect" with you. You gotta make them like you! So, show them you are real and down to earth. Maybe include your hobbies or something about your family. You will also, want to add if you have been featured anywhere. Include, blogs, magazines and websites. You can brag a little here!

3. A few of your best photos from your blog. Remember first impressions are important.

4. Details about your blog. You want to give a brief over view of what your blog is all about. Are you a DIY, craft, photography, or gardening blog? Describe the kind of blog you have and the type of readers that are coming back for more. Maybe even say where the readers live. Are they from all parts of the world? Targeted viewers ages. What appeals most about your blog? Seriously, everything about who you are as a "brand." needs to be summed up.

With letting the potential sponsorship company get a feel for who you are, they will be able to tell if you can mesh well with who they target. I've actually heard that who you are as a person and your blog genre is more important than blog stats.

I for one check my stats daily. Even multiple times a day. It helps me better understand how I'm doing and how many I'm reaching.

1. Google+ followers & views
2. Pinterest followers
3. Facebook followers
4. Instagram followers
5. Blog views & unique visitors

What if your just starting out? That's ok too! Also, mention what your goals are and how much you've grown in a certain amount of time. Your stats may be low but your numbers have jumped 500% since last month! You have to start somewhere right?

Your Media kit is like your portfolio. It showcases your best work and explains you to a T. Show them you mean business!

Include your sponsorship rates and outline your policies.
1. Do you do giveaways?
2. What are your rates?
3. Do you offer ad spaces?
4.Do you do product reviews?
Include just about everything that you expect from them and what they can expect from you.

Let the future sponsors know what search engine key words drive views to your blog. Are the key words compatible with their company? Make sure you are very familiar with your Google Analytics and pitch it to them. If they are a hardware company and you use all kinds of tools and lumber for your projects and people are searching those things, let them know!

Add some more showcasing photos and include some testimonials from people that believe in you to add some extra umph.

Add all your information on how to get in contact with you and ALWAYS CONVERT YOUR MEDIA KIT TO A PDF!

Then get to work girl by sending out your awesome media kit!

Remember to make yourself shine!

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