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Know your breaking point

Have you ever needed a break? If you're a mother or a single working woman, chances are, absolutely!

The past  few weeks that is exactly the position I found myself in.

Stressed out... check
Tired.... check
Feeling ran down... check
Not at peace... check

I had to step back from every project  and appointment that I had obligated myself to.

I no longer found myself happy being so involved in everything, helping everyone I could and trying to DIY my little heart out.

In reality being a DIY blogger can be overwhelming. You have to continuously pump out newer, better, cooler, more unique projects to try and catch the Pinterest attention.

It gets tiring. Night after night laying in bed trying to come up with some amazing project. Over decorating your house because we know all too well that we need to find places in our homes to display all these amazing projects.

Can we say over kill?

Pinterest promotes MORE MORE MORE. What happened to less is more. Clean crisp living spaces?

So, I took a step back. I cut out some things in my life. Stopped blogging for a while. Stopped browsing pinterest so much and didn't do a single dang thing.

The truth about doing that, stepping away from everything.... It was amazing!

I can't even explain the calmness I felt. Nothing to do and no where to go.

Just me and my babies spending quality time together.

In my journey from unplugging the chaos, I dug deeper into my walk with God. Spent more time enjoying the little things instead of stressing about deadlines and focused on taking care of myself. Eating and excising included.

The crabbiness has subsided and I feel renewed like I can conquer the world.

Every woman needs to recognize her breaking point. When it's time to let it go and take a break. (OK, yes I did just quote Frozen but I am so sick of those songs already!)

Take a step back, unplug, rewind, enjoy the little things, regain peace and then proceed when the time is right.

It will make you a better wife and mother and all around woman. Trust me on this.

I have regained patience and that my friend is big.

So today, I encourage you to take a break. Step away from the things that are stressing you out. If God didn't call you to do it, don't push it. Pushing it only makes you stress out when things aren't going your way. Learn to say no and which door to choose that God opened. Not every open door is the right door!

With all that said... I want my blog to be a place of encouragement and not envy. A place where you feel safe and can relate. I know this was a blog primarily of all things DIY but, I also want to share my heart, my experiences and you will get to know the real me. I have a lot to say and share, trust me and I am no longer going to hold back in fear of rejection. This is now a lifestyle blog for women of every shape and size! We are all beautiful and this is the real me.

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