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How to make the perfect green tea by the pitcher

I have to admit, my mother in law passed down her black tea recipe to me and I changed it just slightly for green tea. My family LOVES green tea, my kids included! The health benefits are great on top of the taste.

Pour 2 cups water in a glass measuring cup and microwave for 3 minutes.

As soon as it is done in the microwave, place 6 green tea bags in the hot water.
Let all 6 steep in the glass measuring cup for 20 minutes.
Set your timers!
After the 20 minutes, place 1/3 sugar at the bottom of a pitcher and then pour the hot concentrated tea from the glass measuring cup into the pitcher. I also squeeze the tea bags above the pitcher to get any leftover tea still in them.

Pour 6 more cups of cold water into the pitcher and stir.
Pour over ice in a glass and enjoy!

*I found the plastic mason jar pitcher at Marshalls for $5.00 and I also bought a hot pink one too!
WalMart does carry these in an assortment of colors around $5-6!

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