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School Spirit Candy Jar with Bling

Today I am  excited to share my Teacher's School Spirit  candy jar with bling which I debuted on Tater Tots & Jello recently!

I love  mason jar projects and I know other bloggers have used mason jars while creating back to school ideas but, I hadn't seen anything with school spirit! Just  general "teacher" inspired themes such as apples.


1 mason jar (the size of your choice)
1 wooden pedestal
1 wooden ball with a flat bottom
1 pack 5/8 in. candle cup with 1/4 in hole
Metallic black craft paint (I used FolkArt Sequin Black)
Green craft paint
Brown craft paint
1 white paint pen with a medium tip
 Twine of your choice. (I used black and white Recollections)
1 black MDF tag
Paint brush
Glue gun
1 small faux apple leaf
Strong Glue/Gorilla Glue
Candy to match school colors

My family is the black & green BEARCATS!

-Project cost estimated $20 if you do not have any of the supplies and remember to use your Michaels coupons!

Pour your paint and hold the lid pieces in your hand and paint. Let those dry before adding a few more coats

I set the lid on the ground and paint the top edge. It will take a few coats. Let dry in between.

Paint the ball green...

Grab 1 small candle cup

Paint it brown. This will be the apple stem.

While those are all drying start painting the base metallic black.

Hot glue the candle cup and the faux leaf onto the green ball.

Then grab your twine, paint pen and tag!

Write your school mascot nicely on the tag.
Glue the mason jar on the pedestal and the apple on top of the lid.
Hot glue the rhinestones around the lid.
Tie on the mascot tag and you are ready to fill with candy when it is all dry!

Once it is all dry, have fun giving it to your child's new teacher or keeping it for your kids' treat jar for good grades or an after school treat!

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