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Motivational Mondays Begins Today

Happy Monday!

Recently I have been thinking a lot about this blog, my life and my voice that is infused with all of the DIY projects and inspiration. Along the way I feel as if my voice, my heart isn't being heard. That all of the projects are more important. I've always felt as if no one would care if I talked about things that were important to me. Maybe this is just the enemy's way of stopping me from being a Light in the World.

After pondering on Friday evening and a few positive thoughts from other bloggers I decided that I am going to share my heart. I am going to be motivational! I have SO much to say and a HUGE heart and all of my readers do not even know that because the lack of me not sharing them.

What about my heart for hurting children?
What about me trying to figure out this whole motherhood thing?
What about my love for Jesus? We all know that is the most important one.

So why in world am I not sharing.

Let me honest for a moment, I am shy.

Wait, say whaaat?

Yeah, I am shy!

I only share my feelings if I really know you. Otherwise, I don't talk that much. If you ask my husband he will say that I  NEVER stop talking but that is not true!

So with all that said, I am determined to show you guys my heart. Share things that matter to me on top of all the projects.

Today starts Motivational Mondays! A day to grab a cup of coffee or heck a coke because I LOVE both and get inspired to sink deeper into God's love. This is what I'm really about.

If you didn't already know, I have a non profit, that motivates and helps women overcome depression and anxiety God's way. I am slowly going to be infusing that on Mondays over here.

 God is calling me to simplify my life. Get rid of all the things that aren't necessary. Running two blogs is a lot on top of everything else...

So here is to new adventures, inspiration, and sharing my heart! I hope you enjoy!

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