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7 Past DIY Christmas ideas

I have to admit, in my pretty little head, I've already moved past Thanksgiving and have pulled out the garland. Forget Tom the Turkey! I want to smell some pine! I am anxiously awaiting the fresh trees to arrive at the stores my my family and I can pick one out and bring it home! I tried talking the hubby into a fake one but I lost! So We'll hopefully  be getting one next weekend! I wanted to recap my Christmas crafts. You can check out the tutorials! Funny how my photos and blogging was different back then! I've already been planning my tree and picking up little things here and there! 

4 pallet signs & A Pallet and twine Christmas card holder!

So, do you want to rush past Thanksgiving and get to Christmas decor, or do you want to enjoy it?
Also, do you do a real or fake tree?

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