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Christ the Saviour is Born Wood Christmas Tree Sign

Last week I finally made a wood sign for myself. That is rare now a days since I'm usually making them for orders or gifts for everyone else. I decided it was time to make something for my yard for Christmas. Jesus is the reason for the season after all so I thought this was the perfect idea.
2- 3in x 8ft wood $2.88 each at Lowes
wood screws
red & white paint
red glitter
foam paint brush
small paint brushes for the letters
circular saw 
Silhouette or stencil for star & letters
Clear spray paint

1. I cut all the wood. I didn't measure exactly. I just cut the way I wanted it to look as I went so it formed a tree. I wasn't going for the perfect look. Just fast. For the long piece of wood I cut each side at a 30 degree angle.

2. I screwed all the pieces together starting at the top and worked my way down the 52 1/2 inch wood slat.

3. I dry brushed it white so it looked a little weathered and then let it dry.

4. I then used my Silhouette machine to cut out the star and letters onto card stock.

5. I then placed and traced the letters on each slat.

6. With a small paint brush I filled in the letter with red paint.

7. While the red paint was still wet I sprinkled red glitter over the star.

8. I then sprayed the entire thing with clear enamel spray paint to seal it from any weather condition. Let that dry.

9. Stake it into your yard & enjoy!

Remember, the bottom doesn't have to be perfect angles... it's just going to be shoved in dirt!

 You could even distress it more if you want to.