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11 Things to Clean for Spring Cleaning with Amazing Tips & Tricks

Spring is almost in the air where I live. Sunshine, 70's weather and my flowers are budding and blooming. With those things happening (even though it's technically still winter) it is getting me geared up and excited for SPRING CLEANING!

There is something about sunshine and amazing weather here in California that makes me want to clean. I'm definitely NOT motivated when it's gloomy and cold outside, but as soon as the sun peeks through the white puffy clouds in the crystal clear blue sky, I immediately want my home smelling of lemon fresh cleanliness. I must admit that I have quite the love affair with Pine sol. Lemon fresh scent to be exact!  Ok, I'm getting off topic but I really could go on and on about my house smelling like it's just been cleaned with Pine Sol... is there a Pine Sol anonymous?

So, here some SPRING CLEANING tips & tricks to help motivate you while I have to do them myself!

{I do have some secrets up my sleeve right now so I desperately need all these tips myself! More on that when I can actually say, right now just isn't the time to share but I will soon, like really soon!}

 1. CLEAN YOUR BLINDS! First up is how to clean your blinds... I NEED to do this ASAP! I cleaned one of mine last month and put it in the bathtub filled with warm water and scrubbed with wait for it... PINE SOL and a scrub brush! They came out looking brand new! Now I just need to do all of the rest.

2. Clean your oven! I'm guilty of hardly ever cleaning my oven. In fact, I haven't thoroughly cleaned it in 4 years. ::Insert bulging eyes and gag:: This is on my list

3. Clean your grout! Another trick on my priority list!

4. Clean your sinks! It's easy for these bad boys to get stained from coffee & food! Make them sparkle again. I must admit that my husband is the best at getting ours sparkling white again when I stain them with coffee! Snaps for hubby!

5. Clean your shower! Get rid of the mold and clean your shower doors so they sparkle again!

6. Clean your window tracks.

7. Clean your carpet stains! I'm trying this right ASAP!

8. Clean your baseboards. After cleaning them, if they are still knicked up and worn looking add a fresh coat of paint.

9. Clean your cabinets. Get all the dirt & grease off.

10. Wipe down your doors & walls. Touch up their paint too.

11. Clean your windows so they sparkle again!
 Now I'm off to overhaul my own home and try out these tempting tricks. First thing is the windex on my carpet!


Karmen said...

Thanks for the cleaning tips--I’m definitely going to try the getting rid of shower mold idea!

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