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Taylee's Shabby Glam Little Girl to Teen Bedroom Inspiration

Shabby glam little girls room

We are currently are selling our  house and are in the process of building a dream house. With a new house comes fresh new room designs and so many possibilities. Little girl's rooms are my absolute favorite to design. They want pink, sparkly everything and frills. I love to see the look on my daughter's face when I change her room around and add new pillows and decor. I secretly hope she has a passion for DIYing and design like I do.

This mood board sums up my 6 year old daughter to a T. Filled with sass, glam, and personality. I wanted to create a room for her that she could transition from kindergartner to teenager without having to redo her princess bedroom.

I am so excited to create this look in her new bedroom! Can we just fast forward the building process? I'll be sharing more details about my new house soon! For now I'm up to my eyeballs in the stress of selling this house... moving on...

The main focus for Taylee's room is the Hygge & West Petal pusher wallpaper in Gold along with the bedding.

Here are some similar things found for you to create your own shabby glam bedroom!

The bedding I found that I love is at Target but here is a similar one!

Wild and Pretty Print 8 x 10

I havent officially picked the paint color but it will be a very light gray. This swatch looks a lot darker than the pictures on pinterest.

XO Design throw pillow

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