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Designing my McCaffrey Home @ the Design Center

Lately I have been MIA due to the fact that I am currently selling my home and building a dream home! I never knew how much work it is to sell your house until now! It's like living a completely different life while your home is on the market. I have to schedule when I take a shower and do laundry because you never know when someone will want to schedule a showing! Also, the cleaning is in psycho mode! My life is 90% cleaning and not being able to be at home or even cook at home! Have you ever sold your house? How was your experience? Some days I have to show my home up to 3 times! It is exhausting but exciting all at the same time.

We are already in the process of building our new home! We've secured the lot that we wanted, picked exterior details and color scheme and today I started the interior design! Let me just tell you, I WAS IN HEAVEN! It was one of the most exciting days of my life! I never in my wildest dreams thought I would get to pick out everything in my home let alone build a home. It was a dream when I first got married and God has opened many doors to make it possible! 

My husband and I searched high and low, and looked at EVERY model home in our area as well as the city that my husband commutes to. We finally discovered and fell in love with a McCaffrey home! Their design center is amazing! 

 There are multiple rooms in the design center. They walk you step by step and make it so easy to make your home look beautiful.

Many tile & granite options from floors to backsplashes.

Tons of different cabinet options.

Lighting, fixtures and hardware options.

Here is a speak peek of the flooring I choose for the entire downstairs!

There are so many options that I am in deep thought about what I truly want in my home and the overall look and feel I am going for!

I go back in a few weeks to make final choices and I couldn't be happier with my choice of building a high quality McCaffrey Home! There will be A LOT of posts about the whole process and every step of my home being built! Stay tuned!

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