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Chic H&M Accessories for Your Home

H&M Accessories

I'm 3 weeks into being houseless and it's terribly bothering me that I can't decorate, paint or do anything in my own house! I don't even really want to buy anything for my new home because I don't exactly know what I am going to do in there or the vibe that I want. So here I sit, on the internet, drooling over home accessories, store sales and everyone's instagram feeds showcasing their DIY projects and beautifully decorated spaces. Also, I won't have a ton of my own DIY projects during this time so I will be working on past projects that are left on my camera and showcasing other people's projects and doing some roundups! Hopefully that will keep me sane until September.

Here are some adorably chic accessories from H&M!  I'll keep dreaming until I move in and I will be sharing a lot of shopping guides!

H M beige rug
$23 -

H M brown bedding
$77 -

H M glass plate
$20 -

H M glass jar
$9.17 -

H M throw pillow
$9.18 -

H M wood box
$15 -

H M round basket
$12 -

H M metal home decor
$11 -

H M scented candle
$11 -

H M metal basket
$11 -

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