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Girly Shabby Chic Glam Bathroom Plans

After living at our past house with a bathroom that our son and two daughters shared, I am so happy that we have an extra bathroom in our new house. We had the option for 4 bathrooms but I chose to turn one of those bathrooms into a walk in closet. Hopefully for all my craft supplies but we will see! It could end up an organized toy closet or who knows what! I won't decide until I really plan out all of the closets after we move in. Anyways, so we chose 3 bathrooms because who could say no to more storage space? My son will have his own bathroom right next to his room downstairs (big boy status and a bathroom all his own) and the girls will have their own shared bathroom right next to their rooms upstairs with I believe a double sink. I opted out of the builder grade mirror for my son's bathroom but chose to keep the big mirror in the girls. Why you ask? Well, I really thought about it. It would be adorable to have 2 ornate mirrors hanging...BUT, if they have friends over in the future they will all want some mirror space. I do have some plans for that big mirror though! I am going to frame it with some cute crown molding and paint it cream. Maybe distress it a little so then it will look like one big framed mirror. Problem solved! 

For my two girl's bathroom I am choosing some girly shabby chic glam. Gold, blush pink, ruffles and cream. I didn't want to do anything themed since they change their minds of what Disney princess they love the most constantly. I want them to be able to grow with it from now until teenage years. It also had to blend with the style of the rest of the house and not be too childish. Of course it would be so fun for them to have a Frozen themed bathroom since it is their own bathroom but why invest in all that cutesy decor when next month they could say I don't like Elsa anymore! Now I want Peppa Pig! Yeah, I've decided no themed anything just for that reason. Not even bedroom decor. We girl's have a tendency to change our minds quite often. Myself included!

I really am excited to put this all together for them. It will be so cute that I will want to go in there just to look at it! School Mornings will be a little bit more fun when you are getting ready in a girly bathroom! By girly I mean tastefully pink. Nothing too cray cray. Sweet, delicate and not over done. Girly grown up I should say.

The cabinets will be dark with white tile for contrast and grayish wood plank tile with a greige wall paint. Shocked that I didn't pick white cabinets? Me too! My taste is changing a little and I wanted a rich Restoration Hardware look for my new house!

{ The small photos above will tell you where things are from but I will break it down again}

SHOWER CURTAIN: I bought THIS Lauren Conrad Ella Ruffle Fabric shower curtain from They actually have it in store. It is $69.99 but I only paid $30! I'm definitely a coupon hustler at Kohls! It was on sale for a short amount of time online, then I stacked some discounts and chose store pick up so I wouldn't have to pay shipping but I could get the online deal! By doing all that I saved $40!

BOW SHOWER HOOKS: THESE Lauren Conrad bow hooks from ONLY online!

RUFFLE RUG: THIS Lauren Conrad rug from Kohls. I just love her stuff can't you tell!? She got me with all the blush pink in her line.

PRINTS: You can find a ton on ETSY. Just search for all the printables or even look on Pinterest. I haven't bought any yet but will link to the shops when I do.

WALLPAPER: THIS Oh Joy! Petal Pusher in Gold

SOAP DISPENSER: I found that at Kirklands but Homegoods carries similar ones.

TOOTHBRUSH HOLDER: Kirklands but Homegoods also has similar ones.

CHANDELIER: You can find any cute one from Lowe's, Home Depot or Amazon. You can even re do one that you found at a thrift store or Habitat For Humanity.

Do you have any plans to re do your kids' bathroom? How about your own?


the daily dayne said...

Absolutely stunning! Not just for girls. This is very elegant and classy. Thanks for sharing :)

Anonymous said...

This is lovely! I absolutely adore the colour scheme that you used!

Unknown said...

Omg I love this so much!!!! Such a cute bathroom design! Great style!!!

Danielle Greco

visit - said...

I just love this bathroom decor that you've curated! It is definitely girly-chic, and I love the combination of it all. It is very detail oriented!

Unknown said...

OMGoodness Teryn! This is going to be AMAZING! I cannot wait to see it all together! xox