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DIY Iridescent & Silver Tassel Banner Tutorial

I'm so excited to be sharing this super easy tassel banner tutorial with you today. This week I will be sharing 2 projects and a room reveal all from my two daughter's shared bedroom from my previous home. I had always wanted to make a tassel banner for them ever since my dear friend Andrea over at Andrea Nicole made one for her daughter's room. She was generous enough to give me her leftover table decor so I could make my own. 

Things you need:
Fringe table decor from a Party Store
Tape measure
Washi Tape
Push Pins

1. Measure the area that you want your banner to hang at. I think mine was 6 feet so I added a foot on each side  so I could give it some slack when hung.

2. Now cut your twine the desired length for hanging. Mine was 8 feet long for hanging over the double sliding closet doors.

 3. See the top of the table fringe? Its already sealed off with some plastic. That is going to be the top of your tassel where you cut. I cut the strips into about 6 inches wide for both colors.

4.Now roll up the strip and fold over the top and stable it far down enough so you can fit the pencil and twine through it.

5.Cover the staple with washi tape. Mine is pink and glittered.

6.Run a pencil through it to widen and create a loop.

7.Next, Take a push pin and put it in the wall where you think you want to start the banner at. Tie the twine onto the end of the pin. I left some hanging down or you can cut it.

8.String all of your tassels alternating colors until you reach the desired fullness. Keep adding them until you reach the other side. I should've added more to make mine thicker but I did this as a fast project.

9.Spread them out evenly and tack the other side of twine to the wall with another push pin and you're done!

 On Wednesday I'll be sharing the easy way to make my Alice in Wonderland "Down the Rabbit Hole" wooden sign! Then on Friday I will be showing you the room reveal.

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Cute way to add a little sparkle!