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12 Home Decor Items You Didn't Know You Wanted

I've been on the search, looking high and low for some affordable new home decor. Being the DIY gal that I am, I don't always have to do everything myself. Sometimes it's actually really nice to pay a few bucks and get something brand new, already made and ready to go. There isn't a mess to be made or work to be done. You throw it in your shopping cart / add it to your online shopping cart and take it home or wait for it to be delivered. Easy as that and it feels good too. DIY feels just as gratifying but when you want an instant new piece it's fun to look online while the kids are  sleeping. The only downside to that is that someone else may have it too but that's OK!

I love to wait for sales and even holiday sales to snatch up some new pieces from Target. I just ordered my toddler's gray velvet curtains which I will be sharing later so you can get them for yourself too because they are gorgeous! Target had those babies B1G1 40% off stacked with a $10 off coupon and free shipping. The total came out to be $45 for 2  velvet grommet curtains 95" long. That's a steal and the only way  I like to shop. My motto is that your home doesn't have to be expensive to make you happy! Now, Target is definitely not paying for me to share these things with you. I just want to show you that you can find stylish, gorgeous home decor even when you are on a budget.

Our homes are where we raise our children, make messes and create memories. Life isn't always easy and sometimes people struggle with paying their bills, putting food on the table or buying their babies diapers. I'm not naive to those things. Trust me, without God, my husband and I wouldn't be where we are today. We struggled at the beginning of our marriage almost 10 years ago with finances.We were living on EMT's pay and the grace of God while I was a stay at home mom. We lived pay to pay check to say the least. Even after all these years and God blessing us, my roots of trying to stay a float is what makes me frugal. I'm not cheap, don't get me wrong. I just love the thrill of the bargain hunt. I also, know when it is worth it to splurge a lot and splurge a little. My goal with this blog isn't to parade something that you can't afford right before your eyes. We are all in this together! I want to be able to share affordable home decor with you. Things that anyone could budget for and I'm proud  of  that. When it all comes down  to it, stuff is just stuff! It's not what's on the walls or what kind of lamps you have. It's the people living in those homes. Lives matter, not things. Love matters, not things.

Below, I'm sharing 12 of my affordable and  little splurge items you can shop  right here from my blog. {This post may contain affiliate and referral links. I may or may not be compensated when you click on the links below. You can check out my "about"page for my disclaimer policy HERE.}

These items are things I would personally add to my home and items that are on my "want" list for sure. I like to call it farmhouse chic.

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