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15 Fabulous Medium Kitchen Pendants Lights

Boy have I been busy! Planning, packing some things, design planning, walk thru appointments and signing papers are just a few things I've been dealing with. Yesterday we had our first of two official last walk thru's be fore we get keys to our new McCaffrey home tomorrow! It feels like a dream. We have patiently waited 6 entire months for that day. It felt like we kept on running the race and the end was never getting near. Thankfully, the end is near and it seems too good to be true! Have you ever built a house and how did you feel? There are SO many mixed emotions. I might even cry. Cry out of happiness and relief. That house is where my family and I will make it into a home. I am so very thankful to God for making it possible. He orchestrated every detail. The neighbors, the lot, the people we worked with down to the finances. Now that all of that is behind us, it's time to start the moving in process, unpacking and start decorating! I'm already tired just thinking about it. I'll be living on a lot of coffee and probably 5 hour energy drinks.

During the walk thru yesterday I was checking out every detail. I will be sharing my tips on what to look for on a walk thru next week. I started designing rooms in my head. One of the top things on my list are the pendant lights hanging over my kitchen Island. 

Here is a photo of my little kitchen. I'll eventually be tearing out the back splash and replacing it with better tile. I might paint the cabinets white. I'll be adding new hardware to all of the cabinets too. I'm excited to make the house mine and my style. I went with a lot of builder grade things because I knew I'd be replacing them. Especially the lighting! I'm not sure why the electrician put the pendants lights so close together. If there are two you are supposed to space them out and three are a little closer together. I guess electricians don't think about interior design so they just install it however. I wish I would've known.  Yikes, they are kinda awkward. So, now I am left looking for some pendants lights to fit the space. Or I'll have to move them with swag hooks. That might actually work. They are also too far back into the island so YES, I just figured out my inexpensive solution even though it isn't ideal, it will work!

Here are 15 medium sized pendant lights that I found online. I am loving all of the glam and industrial lights that you can get too! 

Aren't they gorgeous? It's too hard to even pick between them. I'm leaning towards something sparkly. Which one would you pick? You can take a look at these and even more lighting at SHADES OF LIGHT. Click HERE

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