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My Secret to Making Cheap Garland Look Expensive

Have you ever been strolling through the Walmart Christmas decor aisles and came across those 6ft $5 garlands? You know the ones that look pitiful and need help? I'm talking about those today!
When decorating for Christmas, you don't want your decor to look like you just slapped it on things straight from the store. You want it to feel warm, inviting and cozy. You also don't want it to look cheap. There are cheap secrets to making cheap things look expensive! You don't have to donate an arm or a leg for your decor. Today I'm here to show you how! It really is beyond simple, only takes a little bit of time and is worth it. Don't forget to check out the short video at the end of this post so you can see how I do it!

I will start out by saying, that the ONLY that I spent on this was $2 for a can of snow. I will talk about that in a minute. Everything else I had on hand from previous years and also take a look at this craft haul box! I went "shopping" through my mom's craft room! I boxed up all my goodies and headed home to create my garland. Her supplies are #goals for every crafter!

Notice all of those glittery succulents? My mom was making fun of them when I was grabbing them all. I had a planI promise because who can say no to succulents? I certainly can't!

First, grab your sad, plain fake garland. Now if you want it 6 ft, you will need 2 6ft pieces.  Take 2 and twist them together as you are going down to make a full one. If you want a swag piece like what is sittin on my french media stand, take one 6ft piece and fold it in half then twist together!

Twisted together and looking sad before I started working on it.

Now, here is my $2 secret that I buy at Walmart to make my Christmas decor a little more wintery. SNOW IN A CAN found at Walmart!
 Take your garland outside and put on a drop cloth. Spray it randomly by holding the can 6-10 inches away from it. The closer you get, the thicker and whiter it will be. You also don't want it so thick that it won't dry. After you spray it like you want it, let it completely dry.

Once it was dry, I brought it inside to work.

You are going to want to buy or get from your stock pile, different kinds of Christmas branches, leaves ect. Here is what I used to create a full garland with a lot of different leaves.

Cut those up or pull off to make smaller pieces.

As you can see, I used a ton of variations of faux plants. You cut up all of you pieces... then start placing them into your garland. You can hot glue them in or just stick them in like I did so that you can change it up every year! I randomly stuck them in as I went.

 Keep adding, adding and adding until it is full!

This is how I  layered my 6ft garland and 3ft swag.

1. Add lights.
2. Add burlap or ribbon.
3. Add all of the leaves
3. Add succulents
4. Add deer heads from Walmart
5. Add antlers from Walmart
6. Add other ornaments like balls & snowflakes
7. Add berries
8. Add little birds that have clips under them
9.Add more faux leaves and pieces to fill in then you are done!

I hope you enjoyed my little secret! Will you be trying this easy makeover? Even if you don't have time this year, save it for next!

UPDATE! I created fun & short video so you can see how I do it!

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The Boho Abode said...

These are awesome tips. I did a lot of these same things to my cheap christmas tree last year. Your m is the bomb dot Com for having an expansivee craft stash to grab from.