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9 Fixer Upper + Joanna Gaines Farm House Kitchens that You'll Love

The past few weeks, I've been binge watching Fixer Upper as I work around the house. That show is beyond addicting when your heart is in love with Chip & Joanna's design style like mine is. 

My personal style is Farmhouse mixed with the glam luxury of Restoration Hardware.
I love crystal chandeliers, chippy wood, whites & creams mixed with a splash of aqua for my own happiness. Also, somewhere in that mix I love beachy touches. It's just my own personal style. Antiques, distressed wood, nailheads and crystals is how I roll!

I pull a lot of inspiration from RH & Joanna Gaines and then twist it in my own little head to create the style that "feels right" when I walk into my home. It could be absolutely beautiful, but if it doesn't feel right when I look at the entire room, then it isn't my style and I change it up until I get it right. I design a room completely off of my feelings. 

My kitchen is the one place in my entire house that is lacking my own style. When I designed my home this past summer, I chose dark cabinets and a very plain backsplash. I thought I could make it work and I wanted to be different. I always knew that I could paint them if all else failed and I would be redoing the backsplash anyways. 

So, I started googling Magnolia Homes Kitchens and I wanted to share some of the designs that I love!

First up, I love the chandelier, woods, the farmhouse sign with white cabinets. 
Sarah Wilson/ Getty Images

This one  has a farmhouse chic feel. I love the simplicity and how clean it looks.
Jennifer Boomer / Getty Images

This has a french country feel. The cream cabinets mixed with that table and chairs are dreamy!
Julia Robinson / Getty Images

You can never go wrong with white subway tile and gray grout.
Sarah Wilson / Getty Images

Here she chose to offset the cream cabinets and cream granite with a dark backsplash for visual interest.
Sarah Wilson / Getty Images

White cabints with dark granite.
Sarah Wilson / Getty Images

The little hood over the window is a great way to add visual interest as well as a wood tone to the black and white kitchen.
Sarah Wilson / Getty Images

Those huge pendant lights are amazing paired with the brick wall. It looks collected over time and not big box store at all. It is charming. I even love the shiplap on the island!
Rachel Whyte

The first thing I noticed was the dark toned beam on the ceiling. It anchors the simple white space.
Source not found

The one thing that I noticed and that is common with all of the beautiful kitchens is that Joanna Gaines loves fresh sunlight coming through the windows. There aren't any curtains, roman shades or blinds on any of the windows!Living in the city and not farmland means that I need privacy! I wish that I didn't because windows without any kind of treatment lets all the natural light in and makes the space look bigger.  Did you notice that? Also, all of the cabinets are white or cream with wood flooring. 

Now, I'm off to daydream about a farmhouse kitchen and wonder if my hubby will be OK with painting our brand spanking new cabinets!

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Anonymous said...

You and I have exactly the same style! I love chandeliers with a chipped table :)