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Hugs & Kisses Free Watercolor Printable

Love is in the air! Even if you are just now getting over Christmas and New Years, the stores have already been in full blast Valentine's decor. I went and took a stroll through Joann's today and found not only St. Patrick's day decor but also Easter as well! It inspired me to get a crackin on all things Valentine's. What better way to get it started than with a free printable!

There are so many things that I love about Valentine's day unlike all the single ladies. Sorry gals, your man is out there! Keep praying! One time I was whisked away on a private jet to Paris. While in flight I was gifted with a gorgeous little black dress dress,  heels adorned with the signature red sole and a chunky diamond necklace to top it off. We  sipped the most delicious coffee because I don't drink and we laughed about how we met the whole way there. And then I woke up. Now that would be a day to remember. Complete ABC Bachelor status right there. Only two types of women get to live that out. 1. A contestant on the Bachelor and 2. A millionaires girlfriend. That's about it. But, you know what? I'm just as happy getting a hand written card by my husband any day. Both #1 and #2 women are most likely in an on the surface relationship. Sure the excitement is there, but I'd rather have a man who loves me for me. I don't need fancy things to be happy. I just need to know I'm loved!

One thing that I really love about this holiday is that I can make all sorts of heart shaped things for my kids including heart shaped waffles and heart shaped PB&J. The look on their faces are so priceless. I'd take that over diamonds any day.

Valentine's Day is also a reminder that we shouldn't just show people that we love them on February 14th. We should show them all the time and remember that the people in our lives are in it for a reason. Don't take them for granted, remember that!

Now on to the printable! I love how easily printables can be switched out of a frame with any season. They are also very budget friendly. We're talking free if you have ink in your printer and paper on hand. I advise you print any printable on white card stock paper. By doing so, it will give you a professional looking print instead of "Hey I just pulled this out of my printer a minute ago!" If you don't have card stock, you can find it at any craft store like Michael's and Joann's for under a dollar. You can also buy it in a big bulk pack if you are planning to print printables often.

You can download your watermark free watercolor printable by clicking HERE.


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