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10 adorable Shopkins Birthday Cake Ideas

If you have little girls in your life, chances are you know what Shopkins are. Little girls everywhere are on the brink of obsessed and the Shopkins craze  hit my house last year. We are talking full blown here. In fact, only Shopkins everything is a must. From backpacks, umbrellas to clothing, we are always on the search for things that we haven't seen in stores before. On January 2nd, my little crazed girl turned 7 years old. I know, I still can't believe it. What I could believe though was that she had been asking for a Shopkins party months before her birthday was even getting close. Of course, Christmas got the best of me and I didn't even have time to get on Pinterest to come up with the party of her dreams. I was able to scrounge up something that satisfied her wishes, but the one thing I failed on was her cake. ( side note: I totally just forgot about some cookies that I had in the over while writing this. They may be cookie rocks once they cool off. #reallife) Her cake was in fact pretty cute but my no means was it amazing or even homemade. I had ordered it from a local bakery inside the grocery store and it was delicious. It had pink ombre' roses covering the whole thing topped with pearls. Way cute but just not Shopkins. I did hear the disappointment in her little voice and I had mom guilt. So that is why I'm sharing 10 adorable Shopkins birthday cake ideas with you today. That way you won't have to have mom guilt either. Problem solved! P.S. How many times can I say Shopkins in one post?!

source: unknown.

Those cakes are way cute and I know they are every little girls dream cakes. Can you imagine getting an over the top cake as a kid? I personally can't remember if I ever had one like this. I'll have to ask my mom. Back then there weren't over the top Pinterest parties and the party standards weren't even high. Heck, I hung out at Chuck E. Cheese for mine one time and thought that was amazing and we called it good.

So what do you think of the cakes? Major talent right? Do your kids love Shopkins? 


Drew Watts said...

I am in love with this shopkins birthday cake ideas. All these cakes are looking superb. I’ll definitely try it for my nephew’s 10th birthday bash. Have been making plans to host this party at party venues in Chicago. Hoping to find one in budget.

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