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How to Make More Time With God When You Don't Have Time

When do I have time for God if I don't even have time for myself? Let alone time for a shower when you're a busy mom of 3.

We all know the drill. Plan to spend time with God as soon as we get the kids to sleep or end our work day. We crawl into our warm beds, grab our bibles, open to a random page, read a about two verses of whatever catches our eyes first then start yawning. We desperately try to read more but can barely keep our eyes open. We finally give into our tiredness, close our bibles, set it on the nightstand and decide to just "talk" to God instead.

"Sorry God. I'm exhausted. Please forgive me. I'll try again tomorrow."

Trust me, I've been there and done that on many occasions. Life and motherhood is exhausting. Some days feel worse than others. So how do we even make more time for God everyday if we feel like we don't even have time to breathe?  I've come up with a few solutions that I use everyday to help me connect on a deeper level. God is our best friend. Literally. If  He is always there, shouldn't we treat Him like it? 

Post it notes are perfect for writing scriptures and  reminders on . Place them on the mirror so when you are getting ready you can read them. Especially when blow drying your hair!

Make small prayer lists like things and people to pray for.
Scriptures, quotes & anything uplifting.

I personally have a post it note on the dash of my car by the volume knob that says "PRAY."
Every time I look at it, it reminds me to talk to God. Praise Him, pray in the spirit, thank Him, prayer over circumstances and declare victories! Our mouths our rudders to our lives. Continually declare and proclaim what you are believing for. Even if they aren't  coming to pass yet. They will if we have  faith!

Seriously ladies, the Bible app is amazing for busy days. Read the daily verse and when you have a minute, grab your phone and read some more. Anytime you have a second meditate on the daily verse!

I use the YouVersion Bible App. This is great when I don't have my bible with me and want a quick pick me up. Sometimes God can use these tiny moments of glancing at the app to speak something to us. Don't over look the little looking for the BIG.

(*affiliate links)You can  read a daily devotional or your bible for just a few minutes if that's all that you have. My absolute favorite devotional is Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. You can get one just like mine HERE . It was life changing and only takes 2 -3 minutes a day. Even if you can start your day by reading it, it changes your whole outlook on the day. Sarah Young even wrote a kid's one too and you can find it HERE. If you get the kids on a nightly routine then it is a lot easier to have a few minutes to yourself at night to spend with God. All it takes is a few minutes

 * Aff. Links.* There are tons of great sermons on youtube that you can listen to anytime. You can get a simple cord that hooks your phone to your car speakers and play them while you drive. Get a cord like mine HERE. Or you can listen to while you do your makeup or while in the bath. Youtube is seriously one of my BFF's when it comes to making time for God. I'm telling you... I put on some Damon Thompson, Lisa Bevere ect. videos on my smart TV while I'm cleaning the house. The glory can hit like crazy and then I'm crying while cleaning. God has downloaded many things to me just from YouTube videos.

This is another thing that is great on YouTube. I put on Kim Walker, Jesus Culture and Bethel music while cleaning or doing laundry. I sing and worship and it's crazy what God can do in those moments of complete surrender while being a housewife. You can also just put on worship anytime in the car while driving the kids to school.  

Talk to Him. There is no right way to pray. You don't have to speak "Christianese" because God doesn't! Just say Hi God. How is your day? Or Tell him that your frustrated or upset. Or that you are stressed. I talk to God all throughout the day. It's not hard, you just have to make it a genuine habit. That is how I connect with him everyday as I run errands, take a shower, do my makeup or anything else in life. I tell Him good morning, thank you for the day. Thank you for the sunshine ect. Just talk!

These are just some little things that you can do to spend time with God that are easy to do and make a HUGE difference in your life! Just try them!

Remember, He is #1 in our lives! So let's make Him a priority in our busy lives!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE this post! I am writing a post about Lent and how much I'm struggling since I've given up all sugar!! I didn't know there were Bible apps. I need to check them out!

Mel |

Emily said...

I think it is so important to find that time, these are great ideas!

Christina @ said...

Thanks so much for these easy tips and this great reminder!!

Jenny @ Refresh Living said...

Thanks so much for sharing these practical ideas. This has been one of my goals recently, but I didn't really know the steps to take to improve. You've given me those steps! Thanks!