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Child's Vanity Makeover

 Disclosure: This post contains sponsored links. I  received product compensation from FairField  World in order to complete this project. All opinions are entirely mine. 

Happy Friday! Yesterday my husband and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary and we had a blast going on a coffee date, having brunch, spending the day hiking in the mountains, then coming home and going to a nice dinner then a movie. We jam packed our entire day and it was SO fun and so nice unplugging from social media and our phones. Also, having no kids for the day meant that we could really spend quality time together and focus on each other. That is a HUGE success in my book.

For today, it's back to business and  I'm sharing with you my latest project for the Fab Furniture  Flippin Contest! Let's get started on this makeover tutorial, shall we?

 If you haven't heard of the Fab Furniture Flippin contest, it is a monthly contest hosted by these fabulous ladies. Each month is sponsored by a different company. The participating bloggers then use the sponsored products to give one piece of furniture a makeover. The entries are judged and there is a winner every month is fabulous prizes! If your a blogger and would love to take part, you can e-mail  to get more information.

This month is sponsored by FairField World and the theme is "Mix & Match."  Fairfield has tons of products for upholstery like batting, foam and even pillow forms so it was a perfect match for my daughter's vanity that I found at the GoodWill. I'm pretty sure this cute little thing was owned by a sweet little old lady and my 7 year old fell in love with it as soon as I brought it home. The oak color and very outdated fabric had to go! It didn't match her room or her spunky personality at all, so I was happy to finally give this thing a new look.

So, while I was working away in the garage, my two daughters were playing like little munchkins outside, complete with homemade bunny tails, crazy hair and roller skates.

 I first started out with some old  paint that was pretty thick and used that as a primer. I had to figure out the best way to paint the top of the vanity so that it was really durable for playtime and scrubable for lip gloss and whatever else Tay girl is going to play with. The top of the desk  area was almost plastic like. *PAINT TIP* Use a foam roller so that there are no brush strokes and there is a very smooth finish.


After I primed and let that dry, I spray painted it cream with a few coats and let that dry. Then I used this clear coat spray to make the paint durable and so that it won't scratch off.

Now it's time to work on the upholstery! The fun part... I used a screwdriver and took off the top of the bench. I then painted the bench just like the vanity.

Now place I placed the top of the bench on top of the 2 inch foam and traced it with a permanent marker.

Use a serrated kitchen knife to easily cut the foam.

After the foam was cut, I laid out the cushion wrap and placed the foam and bench top on top of it. Then use your staple gun and staple it around. For some reason I can't find my picture of that! Sorry. If I do find it, then I will add it later.

After I stapled the batting on and trimmed the excess, I did the same thing with black velvet fabric. I then reattached the top of the bench back on to the legs the same way that I took it off. It had 6 screws. After that I added new crystal knobs and it was done! I took quite a few pictures and I couldn't decide so I'm going to share them with you because they are too cute! Also, on a big side note, one of my lenses is down for the count so I only had a telephoto lens to shoot this with. Frustrating!

 You can  check out Colleen's post and Charlotte's ( the featured hosts) projects for more inspiration and also check all of the other blogger's that linked up. So many cute projects!


Domicile 37 said...

You did a great job and reminds of vintage-esque vanities that you see in pictures from the early 1900's. Your daughters hair is so long. It looks like she had fun being your muse for the day. Love it, beautiful piece and beautiful little girl...good job Teryn.

Anonymous said...

Sooooo adorable!! I love it!! You're so talented!!

Mel |

karen@somewhatquirky said...

This is such a cute makeover. Sometimes I'm just blind to stuff made from that cheapo laminate, but your makeover is just precious! That Advance paint is high quality and should provide a great base for the paint you used on top.