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Easy DIY Laptop stand for bed

Have you ever been laying in bed, laptop on your lap and your legs heat up? Or you are worried that your computer isn't getting enough ventilation and will heat up? Yeah, that was me all the time! I'm guilty of blogging or surfing Pinterest until  late at night on my computer after all of the kids have fallen asleep. A laptop desk for my bed was ALWAYS on my wish list. Heck, I had even looked some up on Amazon to buy a few times. Then I saw some expensive ones from Pottery Barn and thought, forget that! So, when I was asked to create something for the Create & Share Challenge with a piece from Walnut Hollow, I finally knew what I had to do. The best thing about it...  I'm showing you how to easily make your own so that you don't have to buy one that costs $100!

It  all started with this tray from Walnut Hollow. 30 of us bloggers were asked to take one of their products and transform with for the Create & Share Challenge hosted by Casa Watkins.. I chose the pallet tray and thought it in for a while. I wanted to do something out of the box for this challenge and I think I did! So, let's get started.

Pallet Tray from Walnut Hollow $14.99 Use code SPRING2016 for 20% off until March 31st
1 4ft poplar wood slat 3/4 inch by 1 1/2 inches wide $4 at Orchards
8 Wood screws 1 1/4 inch long
Circular saw
Chalk paint. I used General Finishes in the color LIMESTONE
2 hardware handles. $1.38 I got mine from Lowes but I usually always get my hardware from D. Lawless
Sand paper or sander

Start out by cutting 4 legs 11 3/4 inches long. You will also need to cut 2 crossbars 11 inches long so then you will end up with 6 slats.

Flip your pallet tray to the right side of the tray and place one poplar slat in the corner and screw it in from the inside so that the screw is hidden.

Continue to screw all 4 legs on.

Take your cross bar and set in on top, on the inside of the legs and screw those one. VRS TIP* When screwing in screws and you don't want the wood to split, wet the  screw with your mouth  or run it over a bar of soap. Sounds really funny but it never fails! 

Sand down all of the cut edges and rough corners. I chose to round out the edges.

Paint with your color of choice. My absolute new color of gray paint is Limestone from General Finishes. It is the perfect soft true gray. No purple tint! Then let it dry and add your handles to the side with your drill.

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Amy Dowling said...

This is fabulous! I may need to make this for myself :) Great job! Pinned and Shared.

Cindy DIY beautify said...

What a clever use of the pallet tray! Love the handles you added.

Farmhouse 40 said...

What a creative idea and would come in so handy.

Vintage Paint and more... said...

What a creative way to use the tray - love this project - so great.

Anonymous said...

Love this laptop stand! Such a fun take on this product. And the handles are such a fun detail!

Unknown said...

Cute idea! I would love to a have a laptop stand when I am working in bed at night! Pinning!


Unknown said...

What a fantastic idea! How clever to flip the pallet over! I'm so impressed and def need one of these too!!! Love.

Stephanie @ Casa Watkins Living said...

COME ON TERYN!!!! So creative and genius! I adore it! Great project and thanks so much for participating this month!

Iris Watts said...

What wonderful idea!! I love it!

Unknown said...

I love it! Looks great and how useful. Great job!!!

Carrie @ lovely etc. said...

I definitely need one of these - I have that hot leg problem all the time. (From the laptop that is. :) Love how you transformed your tray into something completely new and so useful!

Unknown said...

What a lovely way to use the tray! It turned out so well and it will be very useful, I'm sure. Well done!

Unknown said...

Great job! I absolutely love your take on this. And can I just say that your bed headboard is simply beautiful! It was so fun to participate in this challenge with you :)

Katy {AShadeOfTeal} said...

Such a great idea, I would have never thought of doing this!

Unknown said...

Awesome post. I was planning to buy laptop arm mount online to place my laptop. But was not able to find it according to my choice.Now, as I have read your article, I dont need to do that tough task. I will follow the steps shown by you & make it myself. Thank you so much for sharing such a nice post. You are a life saviour.