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Life Lately + Friday Faves

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It's finally Friday! The thing that I loved most about Fridays is that it's the last day of the week that I have to get up extra early to cook breakfast, make school lunches,  and get the kids ready for school while sometimes dealing with grumpy kids who think the world is going to end if they have to wear a certain shirt, shoes or pants or they think there is nothing to eat in the house while the pantry and fridge are full. If you're a mom then you know my struggle. Saturday mornings are my favorite. No where to be until my son's football starts this Fall. We can lay on the couch and watch cartoons together and stay in our pajamas longer than usual. We're not in a hurry and everything is calm.

Starting today, I want to start sharing a little more about myself  and my life. I also  want to share some of my favorite finds. Whether it be a product or an idea, I want to share them with YOU!

So today, my middle child is on day 2 of some  kind of weird flu. She had a fever of 104.2 yesterday with a terrible headache and talked in her sleep last night. I'm really glad my fire hubby was home to help me. I had to run to the store for the sick child essentials. 7UP and popsicles. I just finished making her homemade soup and she's laying on the couch. Yesterday she slept all day  so I'm glad to see her up awake today.


I hung up my vintage chandelier last week and now I just need to add my orb part to it. I had put it on there but it was looking a little wonky, I took it apart again and will try to figure out what wire I had where last time it was hanging.

 Here is what it looked like... and you can get my full tutorial HERE

My samples from came in the mail yesterday and I'm having the hardest time choosing which wood woven roman shades that I want for my living room. Which one would  you choose?

My mom has been busy making these little stuffed bunnies and I'm in LOVE. She made me 2 canvas and one ticking stripe. They seriously are the cutest in person! You can check  her out on IG @SympleeAdore .

My BFF found one of my magazines!  I'm on the cover of the March issue of the Central Valley Magazine. I'm also their new DIY contributor so you'll be seeing me in there every other month with my "Make It" column. It's really exciting for me and a dream. A blog post in print! I'm showing readers some simple step by step tutorials. Another  thing to add.... this cover doesn't look like me! I NEVER wear my hair straight. EVER because it makes me look like an  older mom. I always have my hair in beach waves. I was in such a hurry to get ready for the photoshoot at my house that I didn't have time to "wave" it. You live and you learn. I'm just sucking it up  and not letting my insecurities get the best of me. My mistakes are just broadcasted to all of Central California! EEK!

I also, added a a crystal glass chandelier over my bathtub. It makes it feel so glam. I still haven't decided what I want to do with the decor in my bathroom. I don't know what style I want yet. It's one of my absolute favorite places in my home.
You can get my exact chandelier HERE! It's $88 with $10 shipping. 

I LOVE this grey marble adhesive film. It's on my order lists for some projects! If you look at the customer reviews, you will see some of their DIY projects. Full counter tops! They look amazing. You can find the marble adhesive HERE.
They also have rustic wood adhesive too. Find it HERE.

I've been swooning over all  things brick. Brick accented houses.Brick walls.Brick backsplashes. I started googling bricks for different ways that I can incorporate it into my own home. I found this thin brick veener.It's gorgeous and you can find it HERE.

My two latest tutorials are my DIY Joanna Gaines Inspired Chandelier and Easter Bunny Coffee Cup.  Find the chandelier tutorial HERE

Easter bunny coffee cup tutorial HERE

Today and continued through the weekend, I will be organizing my closet office, consuming a lot of coffee, tackling laundry and my youngest daughter's room. Why can such little precious  angels create such a tornado mess?! It's baffling to me! My kids also like to go into my office and destroy it by cutting paper into a million pieces then coloring them and pulling out the ribbon to glue to those little papers. That's another tornado that needs to be dealt with. Then Sunday, we have church and  my son has football practice in the evening. I'll also be working on my tutorials for next week and checking to see when my middle daughter has Girl Scouts next. Oh that reminds me, I've joined the Girl Scouts Mom Club. She's following in my footsteps and  is a Daisy!

What are you plans this weekend? Is your daughter a Girl  Scout?

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