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Thrifted Mirror Gallery Wall

Sometimes the best décor doesn't come from a big box store. From what I've learned is that if I'm constantly seeking what everyone else has, then am I really doing myself a favor by being like everyone else? The truth is that I'm not. When we do what everyone else is doing, we are just trying to fit in and now showcasing our true personalities. So what if no one else likes it. If you love it then that's awesome! As women we get a lot of our self worth by how we decorate our homes and the state of cleanliness. For me this is absolutely true. If my home is in disarray, which it actually is big time right now (more on that later), then I feel like my life is out of control. It's a fact that it can drive a woman to depression. So my motto will always be a clean home is a happy home!

My absolute favorite décor items are actually from thrift stores! It's the ones that no one else would have and that have a totally unique vibe to them. They are also the ones that I didn't spend a fortune on and can't be duplicated. Remember that spray paint make ANY thrift store item cuter. Just add color or stick with a solid neutral and you will do just great.

Today I wanted to talk about my love for thrifted items by chatting about my beloved mirror gallery wall for the #ItsSoUglyItsCool challenge hosted by Domicile37. Now I want to be able to show you guys more pictures but I have a secret. I totally procrastinated and then I thought yesterday was Tuesday which actually was Monday, so I thought I missed my deadline and just forgot about it the rest of the day. So, in the evening, I realized it was actually Monday and had to scramble to figure out what I wanted to share. That left me writing late at night and I can't photograph in the dark!

The above photo inspires me to move my blue rug back downstairs and change out my couch throw pillows once again. I thought the rug looked too busy but in this photo I love it! I tried adding more black to my space and it really hasn't been super inspiring to me. I do love black though! Ok, totally getting side tracked. Let's talk about the mirrors.


1. Start collecting mirrors! Go to thrift stores and yard sales and check all the time! Remember the amazing mirrors get picked up fast. I would go looking every chance that I got. It's not going to be a quick fix to collect them all. It will take time. It actually took me about a year to get a lot of mirrors in different shapes and sizes. You can also add in  a few retail store mirrors too if you've fallen in love with one.

2. Spray paint them all the same color and let completely dry.

3. Place them out on the floor and start doing mock arrangements to see what would look best before you started nailing into the wall.

4. Start with the biggest one first as a starting point.

5.  You will be placing from biggest to smallest, using the smaller ones as fillers.

6. Make sure to keep spacing in mind and try to keep it consistent if you can.

7. I placed mirrors from floor to ceiling for a big dramatic effect.

Since my computer crashed a few weeks ago, I had all of my past mirror pictures on there. I have yet to transfer my old hard drive to my new computer so I will do my best to update this post with new photos of the entire wall when I can.

For now, you can find me rearranging rugs and pillows and getting my decorating mojo back and while I'm doing that, check out the other It's So Ugly It's Cool challenge participants for more thrift store inspiration!


Anonymous said...

This looks stunning! I want to do something like this in my living room.

Mel |

Up to Date Interiors said...

What a beautiful fresh take on the gallery wall! Gorgeous.

Brittany said...

Love the idea of a mirror gallery wall, and this one looks awesome!

The Boho Abode said...

Such a pretty display! And it shows off how pretty the rest of the space is, too!