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Cream and Gold Dresser with Black Striped Drawers

This month I have been  so busy getting ready for a wedding that I am DIY'ing! I currently have a few hundred roses in my living room and they smell amazing! We are just a few days away from the big day! In the mean time, I had just enough time to squeeze in this dresser makeover. It had been sitting in my garage since we moved in during the month of September. My daughter patiently waited for it and I am so glad that I can check it off of my to do list. Don't you just love crossing things off? I do!

So for this dresser makeover I participated in the "Bling Bling" Fab Furniture Flippin Contest™ hosted by Thea from Sweet Tea Refinishing and Carrie from Thirty Eighth Street. Nothing like a contest with a deadline to get my gears going and motivate me to get that piece of furniture done and out of the garage.

This month we used Country Chic paint's metallic creams to makeover our furniture! Let me just say that I LOVED working with it. They create paint with DIYers in mind and are eco friendly! The paint is clay based and self priming. Also a little goes a long ways with the metallic cream.

I actually used their simplicity color on my  DIY Farmhouse Wedding lyric sign. I used the dark metallic cream in gunmetal for create the stripes on the side of the dresser. I'll be showing you in a minute! Now let's get started.

I wiped down the nasty thing, took off all of the hardware and started painting it. I painted a few coats and let that completely dry.

Make sure to paint the sides of the drawers also.

Next tape off with blue painters tape. I tore off some strips of tape long enough to go over the bottom and top. Make sure to press the tape all the way down.

Paint the white areas that were showing... Let dry a little...

Then pull the tape off while still damp. That way it wont pull the paint up.

Next spray paint your hardware gold and let dry completely. Then put it all back on the dresser.

See how easy that was? Now when my daughter opens her drawers it has a fun design surprise on the sides that adds character and spunk!

If you are interested in participating in future contests, don't be shy and contact  to get more details!


DD's Cottage said...

What a gorgeous piece!

Unknown said...

Great piece, demure and vanilla with a hidden pop of wild love it!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous piece. Your photos are lovely, as well!

Anonymous said...

As usual....sooo beautiful and creative!!!! I love it!!!

Mel |