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How to Install Petal Pusher Wallpaper // Girly Glam Girl's Bedroom

For the past few years I've had my eye on the Hygge & West Petal Pusher wallpaper in Gold designed by Oh Joy for my oldest daughter's room. I finally took the plunge, got to order it and learn how to install 9 foot strips. I must admit, this was my first time wallpapering a huge area so today I will be sharing with you everything that I learned. The task seems daunting but once you get started and get the hang of it, it is easier than you think.

#1 Gather your supplies. Choose your favorite wallpaper, smoothing tool, wallpaper paste for this particular wallpaper, utility knife, paste roller and pan, ladder, scissors and wet cloth.
**Make sure to read your wallpaper's label to see if it is pre-pasted or if you need to add your own paste like mine.
Also, to determine how much wallpaper you will need, calculate width x height to get the scare footage. Wallpaper Boulevard has a calculator tool right on their site to tell you how many rolls you will need.

#2. Find a space to cut! First I measured my wall and with 9 ft ceilings I decided to cut 105 inches of wallpaper for each strip. You will want some wiggle room at the top and the bottom for matching the pattern and cutting a perfect edge expect for the very first strip. The top edge of the first strip will be exactly butted up to the ceiling perfectly and you will only have to trim the bottom.

1. Lay out your first strip and cut. Label the back right corner with a pencil that says 1B so you know its the bottom.
2. Slide that to the left on the floor.
3. Roll out your second strip and match the pattern. It will be longer on top and that's ok. You will be trimming once on the wall. Cut that strip at the same length at the bottom. Now label 2B on bottom right corner.
4. This will be your assembly line. DO NOT install strip #2 until you have strip #3 cut and labeled.
5.Install #1, slide #2 to the left on the floor and match pattern and cut #3. Do you see what I'm saying? Yay! It does get easier when you have an assembly line going.

#3. Find a place to paste! I choose my dining table but unlike me, please put a cheap plastic table cloth down to protect yours.

1. Start at the top and pour a glob of glue on the back of the paper.
2. Roll out making sure you get the edges. You want the glue to be on there thick and gooey.
3. Once you past half of the strip, fold over to the middle for it to sit for 3-5 minutes.
4. Push the folded over part off the table and work on the bottom half then fold that bottom to the middle...

* I used a pumpkin as a little weight to keep the paper from curling up so that I could glue it.

Once that paper has sat for 3 minutes, carry it to your room. find the top, unfold it, line up the straight line by the ceiling butted up to the edge of the wall and start smoothing it out with you smoothing tool and wet rag. Work from table to bottom and make sure you get all the air bubbles out and wipe off excess glue. Remember you can always add more glue on the wall and back of paper as you got with the roller or your finger. Everytime you add glue, wipe with your wet rag and smooth it out.

Then once you get to the middle, unfold the bottom and work your way down. Once everything is perfect, let it dry a few minutes then use your smoothin tool to make an edge by the baseboard and use that as a guide to use your utility knife to create a perfect cut edge.

Now for strip #2, Place the top up by the ceiling and match the pattern up and butt up seams together smoothing as you go. You will have excess at the top and bottom from matching the pattern so you will take your straight edge and knife and cut it.

Repeat for all of your strips. I did 6 in total.

Now when you work from left to right and for your very last strip you only need half a width of a strip... place the entire strip up there, then use your smoothing tool and knife to cut along the side of the wall to get the perfect width.

Remember, when it comes to wallpaper, practice makes perfect! Set up your assembly... cut 2 pieces, paste and install #1, move #2 over, cut #3, paste and install #2, then move #3 over, cut #4 then paste and install #3. Do you see how that works?

Petal Pusher is one of my absolute favorites. It adds such glamour and girlyness to any room. I would love to have this is my bedroom if I didn't put it in my daughter's. You can find it HERE.

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Unknown said...

Such a fun girly print to add to your daughter's room. I love the bit of metallic too!

Stephanie @ Casa Watkins Living said...

SUPER CUTE!!!! This was a fav print of mine too!!!!!! Great tutorial Teryn. She's going to love it!!!