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How to Create a Golden Pumpkin Centerpiece

Need a fresh idea for a Fall / Thanksgiving centerpiece? Today I am showing you a really simple but gorgeous way to create a  golden pumpkin centerpiece using leftover Halloween pumpkins or a fake pumpkin from your local craft store!

Pumpkin / real or fake
Dollar store cylinder vase
Metallic gold spray paint

STEP 1. Carve and clean out your pumpkin. If you are using a carvable fake pumpkin called FUNKINS, then carve off the top.

STEP 2. Spray paint metallic gold and let it dry completely.

STEP 3. Place your dollar store vase inside the pumpkin.

STEP 4: Place your flowers in the vase.

STEP 5. Place your new centerpiece on your table and enjoy!

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Have a blessed day!

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