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How to Workout at Home & Get Results + What is Buti Yoga?

I'm going to start by laying it all out there. 2016 was not the business for me when it came to the fitness department. I felt as if I had been the most tired I had ever been my entire life. Even more than having a newborn. I lacked energy and  motivation and that kept me from really pursuing things that I wanted to pursue in my life, like projects and working out. I had a personal goal to really put myself first, really buckle down on my diet, ( eating clean) and get into better shape before I turn 30. I find myself talking about that number a lot because I honestly can't believe it's going to happen. I find it crazy that I'm turning 30 in 2 months and that I know that 2017 is going to be the best year ever!

When I started losing motivation and lacked the energy to craft up projects or even decorate, I knew something wasn't right. I just didn't even want to bother with making a mess because I didn't have the energy to clean it up. Something had to change because I wanted my old crafting, project doing self back ASAP.

As women and mother's we get put on the back burner. I used to go to the gym often and lift weights and absolutely loved it and was seeing results, then the busyness of life just got to me. Three kids' schedules are more than enough to make you go crazy and try to add yourself into that schedule. You can barely breath. One day, I thought about THIS blog post about how Satan can't make decisions for me and I remembered that he can't have my energy either! He sucks the energy right out of us so that we are left with nothing to pursue our dreams with. That will have to be an entirely different blog post because I have so much to say.

As for today, things haven't happened overnight but I'm going to share with you how I am taking my old self back and you can too!

STEP 1 //  Drink water, water and more water! I didn't realize how dehydrated I was until I started drinking half my body weight in water a day. Before it was a hit or miss because I had coffee and tea. I made drinking water a priority and it has made me feel better. I'm definitely not a doctor but I started with a guess of half of my body weight in ounces to begin with. Some is better than none!

STEP 2 // Eat Healthy! Stay away from all the French bread, sugary sweets and soda. Instead of snacking on chips (because I really love spicy nacho Doritos and a big fat bubbly Coke), I'll grab an apple, salami and string cheese with water. I'll even squirt Mio into my water to flavor it. Also, grill some chicken and ground turkey and eat that with salads mixed with fresh cut up veggies and light dressing. Simple choices like that lead to feeling better!

STEP 3 // Find a fitness routine that you love. Since, lifting weights at the gym doesn't fit into my schedule as of right now, I've had to find something else that I love that I can do at home. While scrolling through social media late at night I came across a video that was a sponsored ad. I think it was a divine moment. If I hadn't been scrolling at the exact time, I would've never found my new fitness obsession! I watched the video in amazement. It was EVERYTHING I had ever been looking for in an at home routine. Now, I've ordered and done my fair share of Beach Body products and I never was super excited to go through the DVDs. I dreaded working out. They were work to me and if I'm not in love with something I won't stick to it. Plain and simple. So what did I find that has changed my perspective of working out? That makes me crave an intense sweat session at home and I can't wait to press play? Two words. Buti Yoga.

Let me explain.

A few months ago I popped in a 30 Day Fix Extreme DVD and decided to try the yoga workout. Now, If you think like I do, I DO NOT like or want anything to do with the "meditation part" of Yoga or even its shakra and energy junk. It's yucky to me and I don't believe in it. I'm not trying to channel my inner anything. Everything I have is from God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. When they sit still at the end I take that time to pray and thank God. I call it Holy Spirit stretching instead of yoga because Jesus rules and reigns in my house! After I finished the 30 minute yoga session, I felt better that I attempted to workout and I absolutely loved all of the stretching since I used to be a competitive cheerleader. Mama's got to get her grove back, right?! BUT yoga is slow paced and I wanted something with great music to motivate me! You know something that wouldn't make me fall asleep and dread doing it.

So, fast forward to the moment I saw the Buti Yoga video. It was a little bit of dance, a little bit of almost twerking? Not kidding and Yoga or in my house Holy Spirit Stretching ha! To top it off, cool music! The ladies in the video were saying how amazing and motivating it was and how they found a new sisterhood. They all inspire each other and don't judge each other like going to the gym. Your body will become lean and toned but most of all you will love your body just the way that it is. You'll become stronger and more flexible too! Sounds amazing right? So I quickly headed to the website to see if you could order the workouts and yes you can at a super reasonable price! BUT best of all, there are tons of FREE workouts on YouTube! That's what  I really wanted to share with you. If I had this amazing free secret, why wouldn't I share?

It is changing my life, my body and motivating me to be stronger. I'm thoroughly obsessed and I hope that Buti Yoga changes your life too.

So remember, lots of water, simple food swaps and finding a workout routine that you're excited about will help jump start your fitness journey. I can't wait to hear about how you have transformed when 2018 rolls around. I wanted to make my health and Buti journey public so that I am held accountable! If you would love to join me in motivating each other, I'd LOVE to start a Facebook group. You can e-mail me at or message VintageRomanceStyle on Facebook and I will add you! Let's rally together, hold each other accountable, share recipes and tips and become who we were meant to be because Mama needs her groove back! (You'll also be able to add your friends too if you'd like.)

** I just wanted to say that I am in no way shape or form selling anything or making any money off of this. I'm not selling any pyramid scheme either! Just sharing what I found and I hope it helps you too!

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