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Glittered Heart Wood Sign

Love is in the air! While January flew by right before our eyes, all of the cute heart shaped everything was being stocked onto the shelves even as early as Christmas time. Isn't that crazy!? Valentine's is one of my absolute favorite holidays. I know it's cheesy but I LOVE to give my kids a cute little pink and red stuffed animal which they play with for the rest of the year and a little heart shaped box of chocolates. I always try to make them feel special all the way down to my traditional heart shaped waffles! I really do go all out to make special memories for them. This year will be quite different though. We will be spending Valentine's day as a family in Ireland! Even though I haven't gotten their stuffed animal or box of chocolates to put in my luggage, I have added just a few little décor pieces in my home. Usually I make other cute décor every year but since I won't be home I kept it simple. This wooden glittered heart sign is SO easy to make! All you need is some wood slat, paint, glitter and a glue gun! The best thing about this is that you can make it in ANY colors to use in your kids room, office, bathroom ect!

Scrap piece of plywood or you can get a piece cut for you at your local hardware store
1x2 poplar wood slats found at local hardware store
White paint
Metallic gold spray paint
Painters tape
Red craft paint
Small paint brush
Red glitter
Circular saw or hand saw for 1x2 wood slats or have your local hardware store cut them for you.
Glue Gun + glue sticks
1 piece of cardstock paper any color
Pen for tracing


1. Gather all of your supplies.

2. Grab a piece of plywood and paint it white. Let it dry completely. I had a 8x10 1/4 piece leftover from a previous project that I used. If you don't have any lying around, your local hardware will cut a small piece for you. The great thing about this project and is you can make it any size you'd like!

3. Once the white paint is dry. Lay strips of blue painters tape across your white painted plywood. Be sure to be aware of how far apart the tape is. That will determine how thick the gold stripes will be. The tape will create the white stripes. Be sure to completely press down the tape so none of the spray paint will get underneath.

4. Spray paint the taped plywood metallic gold and let dry completely.

5. Peel off the painters tape.

6. Fold a piece of cardstock in half and cut out half a heart shape. When that is completed unfold the paper and your heart will be ready to be traced.

7. Trace your heart onto the gold and white striped plywood.

8. Paint the heart red making sure to get it thick enough so that it doesn't dry quickly. While still wet, sprinkle the red glitter all over the heart completely covering it. Shake off excess glitter and let dry.

9. Grab your 1x2 poplar wood slats and cut 4 pieces. 2 shorter and 2 longer so that it will all connect together to make a frame. If you don't have any type of saw your local hardware store will cut them for you.

10. Paint the wood slats red and let dry completely.

11. Glue gun the 4 corners of the wood slats together around the striped plywood to create a frame. The frame will fit snuggly around the plywood and your project will be completed.

12. Add it to your home and enjoy!

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