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Girly Modern Farmhouse Dining Room

girly modern farmhouse
There has been A LOT that has been happening behind the scenes over here. Just normal life type of stuff that is keeping me really busy these days. The school year is coming to an end, softball for both of my two daughters is coming to an end and so that means I am starting to make my summer plans! My plans every summer don't just include kids activities, they include cleaning, organizing and decorating too!

The One Room Challenge just ended, and even though I didn't participate this time around, I am dreaming of possibly jumping into the next challenge in Fall!

My style is evolving daily thanks to my crazy ideas. I have a few little projects that I've been thinking of but I won't get to tackle any of them until my kids get out of school in 2 weeks. Hello Summer! So for now, I want to jump back into creating mood boards to share with you guys every week! One because I love putting things together and two because I want to figure out exactly what my style is now. It feels like it changes every year. How about you?

So, let's break down this Girly Modern Farmhouse Dining Room mood board.

The table- I'm thinking of switching up my rectangle table for a round one. My table sits in between my couch and my kitchen island so since the room is a big rectangle I might try to mix up the shapes. I love the natural round wood table look right now!

The chairs- I've always had my eye on these gorgeous gray velvet Paige chairs from World Market. I'm still in love with them! They go perfectly with that round table.

The rug- I'm loving the over dyed rug trend. It is a mix of classic with a twist of modern. I would choose to do a cream and blue one. You can find the exact rug in my mood board HERE

The light- I don't think that I will ever get sick of my DIY ORB CHANDELIER. You can find my tutorial HERE

The horse wall art- My new obsession. Horse wall art. I actually fell in love with one at World Market and now it is on my gotta have it list! It reminds me of Jesus and His white horse. So powerful.

Green sideboard- I choose the green sideboard to represent my green barn door. Tutorial coming this fall if I jump on the One Room Challenge bandwagon. If not it will come a lot sooner! I love the pop of color that the green brings.

Below I've rounded up some similar home décor items. They contain affiliate links which just means that it helps Vintage Romance Style to create new ideas for you!

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