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Rethinking my design + BIG NEWS // New Year New Room Refresh // week 3

It's already week 3 of the New Year New Room Refresh challenge hosted by Casa Watkins Living! These weeks are flying by and if you think about it, January will be over before we know it! In 10 days my youngest baby will be 5 years old. All I did was blink my eyes and here we are 5 years later. It doesn't even seem possible. In all honesty, it's shocking and makes me sad. 

Along with my daughter turning 5, there are A LOT of changes going on in my life, and I mean BIG changes. But, first let's talk my room refresh plans.

If you remember WEEK 1, I shared my mood board. I totally had the boho vibe going on with blush pink and cactus art. WEEK 2, I shared some inspiration that I found on Pinterest. 

Come around to week 3 and I've changed my mind! 

For my master bedroom, I want a sophisticated grown up feel instead of a young and fun kind. I'm sure my husband appreciates my decision to change. He deserves an award for not caring what I do to the house all the time.

I got rid of the pink pillows and cactus art. I switched them out with neutral throw pillows and a pretty clock. I also added a sitting area which I can't wait to tell the story about that next week! All I can say is it was 12 years in the making!

I also changed out the curtains for a modern glam look and ended up finding those on amazon.. I

I am LOVING the way my bedroom feels now and I love walking in there just to look at it.

SO, what's my BIG news you ask?

My home is for sale! By the way, if you live in the Central Valley and are in need of an awesome realtor, call either one of the numbers above!

I actually want to write a post dedicated to my story of how the For Sale sign got staked into my yard. I'll just say this, it was 100% God! We are taking a HUGE leap of faith and buying another home. I'm still in a little bit of shock myself but when God says jump, you ask how high Lord?!

I'm really glad that I'm participating in this refresh with all of the other amazing bloggers because it allows me to enjoy my bedroom for a month longer and boy am I going to miss it.

Don't forget to check out what everyone else is up to and link your own refresh below!

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