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Bring the Outside Inside with Numbered Farmhouse Pots

Decorating with plants is one of the most popular home décor trends. Not only do they beautify a space, some indoor plants help to remove the toxins in the air.  Who knew some little green additions to your home décor could have an impact on your health and help you to concentrate better. With the ever growing popularity of bringing the outdoors inside, I decided to easily transform  some plain terra cotta pots into aged pottery with a farmhouse flair.

3 - 4.25" terra cotta pots found at your local hardware store
Flat white paint
Paint brush
Vinyl Numbers
3- Houseplants (From left to right- Neanthebella Palm, Aloe Vera, Fern)

STEP 1 : Lightly dry brush the flat white paint onto the terra cotta pot. You do not want to cover the entire pot with paint. Randomly brush back and forth going around the entire pot.

STEP 2: Let completely dry.

STEP 3: Lightly sandpaper the spots that have a little too much paint and blend it all together to give the pot an aged look.

STEP 4: Press on the vinyl number stickers and smooth them out. You can find them at your local craft store, order them online or cut them out yourself with a craft cutting machine.

STEP 5: Add your plants of choice, give them a little water, place them in your home and enjoy!

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