As I was sitting in my car, listening to worship music at a red light this past week, I looked around to fully observe my surroundings. It was lunch time on a main road in the city where I live which meant many people were traveling down this particular street. Everyone seemed to be in a hurry to get to where they wanted or needed to be to eat lunch or accomplish a certain task. As I observed, I started to think about the busy ways of life and then God suddenly interrupted my thoughts and with some sadness in His voice He said, "My people forget about me." I thought about that statement for a second and looked around once more at the people in the cars and standing at the crosswalks. I said, "I know Lord, I'm sorry. Forgive them."

I continued to ponder the Lord's words then thought to myself, how many people at this red light are actually thinking about God right now? How many are praising God in their cars? Was I the only one who was singing praises and talking to Him while stopped? I didn't know what they were thinking about at that moment, but I was saddened for the Lord. 

Fast forward to today.

As I was praying and cleaning up the kitchen the Lord stopped me and asked me a question. He said,
"Are you married only on Sundays?" I said, "NO! That's silly Lord. I'm married to my husband 24/7 and have a relationship every day of the week."

God replied, "Would you only acknowledge your relationship on Sundays and forget that you are married during the week?" I replied, "Of course not. You know that I talk to my husband everyday. Not just on Sundays. I don't act like I'm not married and do whatever I want during the week."

God replied again, "Well, that is what most of my bride does." 

My heart sunk. Wow, Lord, WOW.

He was right and once again my heart was sadden that His bride forgets about Him because of the busyness of life. 

Think about it. Would you not talk to or see your spouse all week and decide to only speak on Sundays? Sounds crazy right? Would you ignore them because it wasn't the designated day to acknowledge them out of obligation? 

The American way of life is to serve your 2 hour sentence every Sunday morning in a certain building, pray and sing a few songs to the All Mighty Judge, ask Him for a better life and for Him to meet all of your needs. Listen to a motivational speech on living the best life you can live, be inspired to be a good person and receive instructions on how not to sin then be released and hurry to go eat lunch. Phew, I put in my time. I did the right thing and showed up to church. I prayed. I sang, I listened and now I have a to-do list a mile long to accomplish for the week. Hurry up! Laundry is calling. Dishes are piled. Kids' school projects await. 

I get it! I really do. We ALL have a lot of things to do everyday here on Earth and it's hard to juggle it all. 

But, let me tell you this. There is a loving God, waiting with open arms, willing to help you with every task that you have on your list and He wants to do them together.

He wants to be a part of every area of your life. Even if it is laundry! 

Just like a loving spouse, He wants to be in your everyday life and involved and supportive of everything you do that is lined up with your destiny. Is laundry your destiny? Of course not, but having a relationship that guides you to your calling is.

Just because we put in our time and act like a bride on Sundays, doesn't mean we divorce ourselves on Mondays.

The Lord misses your companionship. He has emotions just like we do. He feels sadness when His bride forgets to spend time with Him. In fact, we were created for a relationship with Him. He wants to bless us. He wants to open up the Heavens over our lives and open crazy exciting doors for us because He is that loving! He wants to give of Himself lavishly. But, in reality, He can't do that if He doesn't have full access to our hearts and  receive our full bridal commitment.

2019 is setting us up for the upcoming 10 years of greatness. We must align ourselves to the will of the Father. We must act like brides that sacrifice our own wants and needs to accomplish the vision together. When we get married we lay down our personal agendas to create an agenda together. People say that marriage is 50/50 right? The same goes for the Kingdom of Heaven. We co-labor to create the future. Just like an actual marriage here on Earth. The supernatural realm teams up with the people of the Earth and we work together! Not just on Sundays but every day of the week, month and years to come. 

God is saying to His bride, "It's time to recommit and renew your precious vows to Me with your time and words. This will be necessary to step into your destiny as the plans written in My books are coming to fruition more quickly than before. Grab ahold of  the anointings and mantles that are being brought to you through your seeking. You must preserve and cherish the magnitude of these transfers. For some once belonged to others, but now it is time to transfer some of the weighty cloaks. You must remain in my Presence to receive fresh manna and revelation to gain the strength to carry such a thing. My glory will come in waves for behold I am doing a new thing! Prepare yourself in all aspects of your life to fully become my friend and bride. It is time to take the bridal veil off of your eyes and see Me for who I really am. Not through the fabric but face to face. I am calling you, my bride to an intimacy of deeper levels. Not through knowledge but by experiences. I will meet you at your deepest desires. It is time.

As you think about that word, break down the walls of your heart. Fully trust Him and recommit yourself to be His bride every day of the week. Ask Him to show you His world and that His glory will manifest in your life. The bible says you have not because you ask not. JAMES 4:2 The more you seek the more you find! Jeremiah 29:13.



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