PROPHETIC DREAM: Coronavirus + Jezebel

On March 11, 2020 I had a vivid dream about the Coronavirus.
Suddenly I was standing in a lab at a hospital. Everything was white and the lab technicians were dressed in white lab coats. Many people were lined up waiting because everyone was coming to the hospital to get tested for coronavirus so they had set up a testing site that was made available to public.
It was the GOVERNMENTS IDEA TO OPEN UP TESTING SITES in different places so everyone had access to know if they had the Coronavirus or not.
They took people 1 by 1 to stations that looked liked manicuring desks/stations. The faceless lab worker would sit in front of you and then the person being tested sat on the other side facing them.
They had a small device on the table that you had to get your finger pricked on to take a small sample of blood like testing blood sugar. I watched other people get tested. Infected peopled went one way and healthy people went another way.
It was my turn and I walked over to the station and sat down at the table. I looked at the pricking device and then at the faceless lab worker. I spoke up and said, "NO, I refuse to prick my finger and get tested. I then thought that Id rather get my blood taken from my arm than my finger.
They then took me into another all white room with a dentist looking chair. I sat down very bothered, I knew something wasn't right. I looked around this sterile room and saw that there were cages of animals locked up all over the room. They were sick. I saw birds and dogs. They had been tested on.
An evil faceless woman with dark black hair wearing a lab coat came up to me to draw blood. I was planning my escape. I refused to let her see my left arm and because I was healthy and refusing she held me down and stuck an IV into the left side of my forehead.
As I struggled and the IV started dripping I started to become scared and I couldn't think straight. It was clouding my mind and judgement. It was continuously drugging me with fear, lies and taking away mental clarity.
// 2 TIMOTHY 1:7//
I fought her off and ripped the IV out of my head and started running. I knew I had to warn others.
--In this dream, If you were tested and didn't have Coronavirus then you were taken to the black haired evil woman to continuously feed fear in your head and take away your ability to have a sound mind.
You see, I've seen this black haired woman before in another dream. She was choosing which people to sterilize and kill in a futuristic concentration camp lab so that the kingdom could not reproduce anyone else on Earth. She was killing off present and future prophetic voices. The ones she chose to kill were ones who carried the message of the Lord. Her name was Jezebel.
I believe that Jezebel has a part in the enemy's overall demonic plan in the Coronavirus to constantly feed you fear and intimidation. She is manipulating and controlling. Even manipulating, controlling and dominating people through the media. If she can get you to believe the lies then she can control you.
In this time we must focus on the face of the Lord. If we get our eyes off of Him and look at the current media storm and see the fear running rampant and clouded minds in everyone else in the world, then that is an open door for the enemy to feed you lies and place a SMOKESCREEN over your mind. Do not believe the lies of the enemy. It is just a façade for the enemy's underlying plan.
Just like in Matthew 14: 22-33 when Peter had to keep his eyes on the Lord so that he wouldn't focus on the storm swirling around him that is what we should be doing.
Stay meditating on the word to know TRUTH, constantly seek His face and PRAYER WARRIORS IN THIS NATION RISE UP!

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