Back to you my love... | WILDLY LIMITLESS

Back to you my love...


I have neglected you my sweet idea...

It's now time to be inspired once again so that I may send you on a journey to Hollywood where you will be seen by stars.

Please don't get your hopes up too high.

We are just starting our journey.

You will travel to Burbank first to be worn by Celebrity Hairstylist Jodie Burton on the set of weeds in hopes of being spotted and wanted.

Thank you for taking your trip to Oregon and being photographed for MF MAGAZINE. You look wonderful in issue #10... pages 56-59.

I was beyond excited to see you in it.

Now my sweet love... travel safely.

I want you to be wanted by many.



Two Pretty Little Skirts said...

Beautiful. I see your name in lights very soon!


Contemplating Cadie said...

You are just TOO CUTE, and only 22? Do I love you or hate you, can't decide.

Alright, I'll love ya for now! Many blessings in your endeavor.