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She has everything or so I thought

Why O WHY wasn't I given a supermodel body and the talent to go with it?

I want the height... the looooong beautiful legs...skinny frame and a face to die for...

The fast pace life jumping from one photoshoot to another

sitting in make up chair after make up chair


the world watching your every move...

no privacy

Paparazzi everywhere

constantly on a diet

all work and no play

OK, I have to admit... when I think about it, it isn't THAT great.

I'll just stick with my 5'0 curvy self because hey my husband thinks I'm hot!

I wouldn't trade my life for any supermodel... ok maybe just for one day!


Unknown said...

Ok...i WANT to :) God didn't give me the height unfortunately. So the world will have to settle with a 5'3...louder than life brunette.
Us short girls must stick together. This is why i luv ya so...check out my "Blogger Bunch" post. You're linked in it!

Elizabeth Marie said...

you're fierce girl! And I wish I was taller would be fun to be a fabulous giraffe supermodel for a day, but on the other hand, I really like ice cream. :)

Two Pretty Little Skirts said...

LMBO, I love this!
I'm one of the 8 that do ;) I wish.


brooke said...

seriously you are GORGEOUS!!! and this is why i posted about the stretch marks because seriously reality check that no one is perfect!!

Anonymous said...

i dont have the body but being tall isn't all its cracked up to be! at least you can wear the stylish huge heels without being taller than your hubby!

Aunt Jan said...

Teryn... Your beautiful!!!! I think your the cutest thing EVER!!!

DS said...

The grass is always greener, right? Good for you for appreciating your body the way it is! Women are much too pretty to waste their time wishing they looked like someone else!