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Little shabby desk makeover DIY

I recently has the opportunity to give this awesome little desk a makeover for my friend. This piece has been in her family quite some time and the label on the inside of the draw said it was made in the 1800's. I was super excited to see what I could do with it. This was a gift for her sister's birthday and the bedroom it was going in is blue and white.
 First I sanded and sanded and sanded....

I spray painted it with KILZ primer a lot and then after that dried I spray painted all the edged and legs with teal. This picture shoes only the details teal but i did do the legs and all the edges on the top.
You can spray on the edges and details whatever color you's like to show through when you distress.
When you sand the color you chose is what is going to show through. After your color dries go back over it with KILZ spray paint again so there isnt any color showing.

After the KILZ spray paint has dried go over the whole things with white spray paint. I believe I used Valspar white in Satin. Then dry for about 24 hours depending on the weather where you live. I did it on a cold wet day so if it's hot you definitely wont have to wait long.

I then went to town with a piece of sandpaper until I got the desired look.
For this desk I kept the distressing light and distressed the legs, details and edges.
You want to sand areas that would naturally get knicked up over time. When sanding the harder you press the more paint you will take off. Be sure to go light on areas you want color as well as a little harder to expose some wood. You can see how I did both in the very first picture of this post.

It turned out way cute!


lorieyancey said...

wow...I love the redue on the desk. Beautiful work!

lorieyancey said...

trendy and stylish, nice work