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Framed Initials

Here is my lil beaut. I have so much fun making these because fabric combos are endless! Let me tell you in advance that I failed to take pictures the whole way through. I will do that another day!

2 frames one a lot bigger than the other
1/2 yard print fabric
1/2 yard just in case burlap
1 letter of your choice
a  flat head screw driver
a couple screws
electric screwdriver
glue gun
Small square of plywood for in between frames
spray paint for frames and initial

I found 2 frames at the thrift store. You want to make sure that you put the smaller frame inside bigger to see how much of the back fabric will show before you buy. Once you have selected your frames, gather 2 fabric choices, letter and tools. I chose to go with a baby blue and gold damask print for the back and burlap for the front. I suggest using a solid behind your initial so it pops and the print in the back.

Take apart your frames but using the flat head screw driver to lift up nails or staple like things holding the picture in place and throw away glass (or keep if you use it for other projects).

Paint your frames and letter however you'd like. I chose to do a flat white then distress it and black for the letter so it really stands out.

Lay out your fabric and then set the back of your frame (the cardboard part or canvas that was in it)
on top of your fabric and cut around that piece leaving about 2 inches on each side of extra fabric.

Then take your glue gun and glue down all the fabric onto your piece on the backside of it so the front is smooth. (NOTE: place your fabric on there first to see if you can see anything thru the fabric before gluing. you dont want to see the original painting or picture behind your beautiful fabric. If so spray paint white first then glue.)

Make sure your corners are nicely folded down and glued so it will go back in the frame nicely.

Once you have glued your fabric onto both pieces cut away excess fabric and place it back into the frame and use the flat head screwdriver to push back down the nails or staple things so it stays in place.

Then lay the big frame fabric side down and determine the center. Place your piece of plywood underneath the frame so it is on the fabric side and drill 2 screws through it to keep it in place. DO NOT let your screws go completely through.

Turn it over and the plywood should be snug on the middle of the fabric board.
Then take your small frame and lay it on top of the plywood and center it then drill 2 screws through the center of the board into the wood. THIS MAKES A 3D AFFECT WITH THE FRAMES SO THE MIDDLE FRAME POPS OUT!

After the 2 frames are now screwed together take your letter and hot glue it onto the center of the smaller frame.

And this is what it comes out to be!

 I love it! If you make one please send me a picture @
Also please link back on your blog! Thanks girls!

I will also be showing my other ones soon! They are more colorful!

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Stacy Risenmay said...

Thanks for linking up to my "about you" linky. I loved your story about how you and your husband got together :) That was so fun to read. And congrats on the sucess of your jewelry line. That is fantastic!!!

Aaron said...

I love this. I always see empty old frames at thrift stores and I never know what to do with them. Great project!