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Ugly Chandy re-do

Ok so this chandy in my 2 yr old daughters room is make an appearance yet again. What for the 3rd time? Don't shoot me! I just love it so much and put a lot of work into this lil baby!

here it is before...I found it at a local thrift store for 4 bucks.I wiped it down then primed and painted it hot pink. You can e-mail for the exact brand and color. It is actually a floral spray paint. It is a bright hot pink before you glaze it.I then glazed it with Ralph Lauren Faux glaze and spray painted some little chandy candle dishes shiny black. They already had holes drilled in them for the crystals.
I glued the cups with gorilla glue. I found some crystal necklaces on clearance for 3 bucks each at target and cut them up and linked them together then hooked them on the chandy. After that I found the little tubes to cover the light sockets and added fabric left over from the curtains I made and glued them on. To finish it off I added rhinestones all around the bottom of the light holders and a hot pink glitter bird.As you can see I had added silver cameos with rhinestones but decided to take them off...what do you think?

Lets break it down...


Spray Paint w/ coupon- $2.50

2 crystal necklaces-$6


Glaze- I already had but found a gallon of Ralph Lauren glaze on clearance for $1 a gallon!!!!

Light socket covers and fabric-free

So total this project cost me about $15!


Jen @ said...

Cute project!! I love the pink and black together!


Unknown said...

That is gorgeous!!! Looks like it matches her room really well now! Thanks for sharing this on Fancy This Fridays!!!

nadine said...

you are AMAZING. where did you get the bird? you inspire me often, but i can't find a resolve to match!