This past May was the 3rd anniversary of my blog and the sad thing is that I didnt even know it!

Last night I took a stroll down memory lane and decided to go back all the way to the beginning of my blog. It really stirred up a lot of emotions because my son was tiny and I was just a few weeks pregnant with my daughter. I had no idea it was going to be a girl!

Since then we bought our first home 10 months ago, my son went thru preschool and then started Kindergarten and my daughter will be 3 in January. Whew time flies. My hubby went from being an EMT to paramedic ( medic school is torture) and as for me well I've changed a lot.

I started a jewelry line, was in a few magazines, local runway shows which lead into getting picked up by some local stores. All during that time I didnt even blog for like a year! Crazy I know!

10 months ago is when I got serious about DIY things because hey lets face it I can paint my walls for real now! No more white walls in a rental this baby is all mine.

So with that said, I started spray painting everything and found my new love of thrifting.

To be honest thrift stores grossed me out before. My sweet grandma would drag me there as a kid and I hated it.

Glad my opinion of them changed because there is some rockin stuff out there.

Thank you to all my faithful readers and I promise to blog more from now on.

On this new journey I will be sharing all my DIY as I make this little home our home.


P.S Blogger isnt letting me load pictures...anyone else having this prob?

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